Munchable Plush Huggable Throw - Monkey

This adorable huggable monkey with bright eyes and a happy smile is waiting for your little one to give him a big hug. A strap at the chin secures a rolled fleece blanket that is perfect for baby to lounge on with their new friend.

Also available in Frog and dog characters.
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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Aug 12, 2012
this is a so cute, what a awesome price. thanks for sharing!
jfu1689 Aug 12, 2012
cute, thanks :)
s_m1978 Aug 12, 2012
So cute..adding to my friends baby shower gift.
THartz606 Aug 13, 2012
Aw that's such a good idea. :)
drewskidooo Aug 12, 2012
Cute! This is perfect for a little boy or a little girl.... or me. lol
THartz606 Aug 13, 2012
Lol I agree. I shared it with 2 of my friends because they love monkeys. We recently went on vacation to the beach and they had monkeys in one of the claw machines...I can't tell you how much my friend spent just to win one. :)
dvinegrace83 Aug 12, 2012
monkeys so popular with the kiddies these days. great gift for boy or girl!
THartz606 Aug 13, 2012
So true...even my friends like monkeys and we're all in our 20's. Lol
ReturninVideoTps Aug 12, 2012
Haha okay, it's a little cute but also a little creepy...
boricua1 Aug 12, 2012
this is very very cute
Dexterous Aug 12, 2012
this is cute and price looks good as well
FibroMom Aug 12, 2012
Great Reviews - cute as can be and the Price is fantastic! Now THIS is a DEAL! Thanks for posting this - grabbing a few for the Grandkids for Christmas! :)
bbattag Aug 12, 2012
This is nice. Will make a great gift for my nephew
RedHeadSaver Aug 12, 2012
This is too cute. We call my baby nephew little monkey and I could see him with this.
THartz606 Aug 13, 2012
Aw there's just something about babies and cute monkeys. My little brother was a monkey for his 1st halloween. He was so cute in the costume. :)
Florida2Texas Aug 12, 2012
This is extremely adorable, which kid wouldnt like this?
Enoybbq Aug 12, 2012
cute! nice find!
rockinnrolla Aug 12, 2012
Only available for store pick up. WOuld make for a great gift! :)
gangstabarbie Aug 12, 2012
i smell monkey trouble somewhere around here.
poe601 Aug 12, 2012
So cute and makes a great gift at a awesome price. The dog is cute also at same price.
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THartz606 Aug 12, 2012
They're all so cute it's hard to pick which one to get for my niece and little brother. :)
themoneyman1113 Aug 11, 2012
Most kids at some point love monkeys so this would be a great gift for that kid at that time. Gift idea, just sayin :-)
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THartz606 Aug 12, 2012
Yeah that would probably be the best gift in their mind if they loved monkeys at the time. :)
ArtemisDeals Aug 11, 2012
this is really cute! I would totally get one for my little one if she was a little bit older :)
THartz606 Aug 12, 2012
For the price you could always buy one and set it aside until she gets older. :)
ArtemisDeals Aug 12, 2012
That is true!! And its super cute!!!
shopange08 Aug 11, 2012
This is super cute.. My nephew loves monkeys and will love this! Thanks!
krmills1 Aug 11, 2012
I love monkeys!!! I always buy clothes and PJ's for my grand kids with funny monkeys on them.
glwrks Aug 11, 2012
Cute;) Love the look in his eyes!...may have to go for the frog though -
THartz606 Aug 12, 2012
I think they're all adorable. It's hard to choose one because of it. :)
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grandma5 Aug 11, 2012
Great add on if your trying to get free shipping.
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THartz606 Aug 11, 2012
And it's cute. How could you resist? Lol. :)
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