Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Price drop 4/6/13
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Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station:•Mini toaster oven with tray
•Removable, nonstick griddle plate
•4-cup coffee pot with reusable filter basket
•Cooking selector
•Flip-down glass door
•90-day warranty
•Dimensions: 16.34"L x 18.11"W x 11.02"H
•Model# BSET100CR
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What's the matter?
candzyangel Apr 09, 2013
Very nice and save space in the kitchen. Very convenient too, thanks for finding this.
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tpark6283 Apr 08, 2013
I've never used one but they seem really convenient!!
LindaKNor Apr 07, 2013
This would be great in my small kitchen. Nice find.
rd995 Apr 07, 2013
this is the lowest price for this 3 in one breakfast station nice find
Brentheriot Apr 07, 2013
Ooohhhh.. I've been wanting one of these. Great price! I wonder if its difficult to clean?
MrBklynW Apr 07, 2013
this is pretty awesome! nice find!
lotuslove19 Apr 06, 2013
This is really a wonderful kitchen gadget,I love it,will buy it as well as share it with my friends and family.
Christine Apr 06, 2013
wwooaahhh love this convenient =)
MyPrecious Apr 06, 2013
this machine will save tons of space and time as they are all clubbed into one
littlexu Apr 06, 2013
So a cool small appliance with good price. Great find and thanks for sharing.
blackfoot Apr 06, 2013
Really cool appliance, a complete breakfast all at once.
shopange08 Apr 06, 2013
This is just like having your own mini-mart right in the kitchen. :) Nice find
Dexterous Apr 06, 2013
wake up, breakfast time, this is good price
grandseiko Apr 06, 2013
I think it is useful.LOL.Thanks for posting.
xrjohn Apr 06, 2013
I like these appliances that have a lot of functions, but don't take up too much room. Nice find.
ukaran Apr 06, 2013
Wow What a Novel idea? I can get one for my Wife so that here after she may be relaxed in the morning. Thanks for sharing.
krmills1 Apr 06, 2013
These would be nice to put in motel rooms! A little mini kitchenette.
mikhaila Apr 06, 2013
This is pretty sweet. Love it and a great price
sly1960 Apr 06, 2013
I have one its great, thanks for posting!
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 06, 2013
Leave it to DP's Dynamic Duo to find such a SUPER deal!:)
poe601 Apr 06, 2013
Great price and would be nice to have one in the breakroom at work too.
THartz606 Apr 06, 2013
This seems like it'd be great for someone with a small kitchen.
zoneric Apr 06, 2013
@THartz606 that's me. we have a very small kitchen.
ancagavs Apr 06, 2013
I love this. looks cool AND it's a mice item to have in the kitchen.
sorinlandiana Apr 06, 2013
I would love to have one of these. a lot easier to make breakfast every morning.
ancagavs Apr 06, 2013
@sorinlandiana me too. if your family is big, breakfast can surely be made easier.
zoneric Apr 06, 2013
@sorinlandiana true, it's a lot easier. i like it too. and we're only 2 so far :)
nthsll Jan 31, 2013
lol. This looks like my sister's old Betty Crocker Oven. It sun on an incadescent light bulb?
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 06, 2013
@nthsll You're TOO young to remember those:)
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nthsll Apr 08, 2013
@nthsll Nope. I'm plenty old to remember my suisters baking brownies by incadescent light bulb. Or at least EATING the brownies made by light bulb. ;-)
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 30, 2013
Perfect for the morning rush!...and good price:)
zoneric Apr 06, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave I know. there are mornings when I do not have time to eat.
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