Pet Food Dispenser

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What's the matter?
austin38 Jan 15, 2012
Awesome!! I'm sure dogs learn how to get the food themselves though!
zhn2011zhn Jan 15, 2012
it is needed for my small cat,good deal!
branie Jan 15, 2012
I have an airtight container for my dogs food but this would look so much nicer..Hmmmm...Good price but do I really need this???
blackfoot Jan 15, 2012
May have to get one of these for my cats. Nifty feeder
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poe601 Jan 15, 2012
Nice size and not bad looking to have out. Good find!
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nimase85 Jan 14, 2012
This looks very useful..It would have been perfect for our dog...
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roxyofloxly Jan 14, 2012
would be cool but I like the airtight bucket we have because my Corgi is evil. lol.
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MrBklynW Jan 14, 2012
This looks awesome!
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belarus94 Jan 14, 2012
I have 2 cats and one on the diet. He is 23 lbs main coon. May be will get it for him.
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MHT962 Jan 14, 2012
That is one big cat!
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zacharyzblewski Jan 15, 2012
23 lbs. isn't too bad for a male Maine coon. My female Maine is around 18 lbs., which is a little overweight for her. I guess she takes after me lol
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arsiel Jan 14, 2012
Looks like a fun way to keep pet food fresher for longer
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glwrks Jan 14, 2012
I bet some dogs are smart enough to operate this!;) "See through" bin is good way to see you're running low on food. Molly doing OK?
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jasoned Jan 14, 2012
At first I thought this was a self feeder for the pet, but it is not. You have to dispense the food yourself. Which is actually good if you have an overweight dog. If they control how much food they eat they can gain even more weight.
hqian1 Jan 15, 2012
Thanks for the information. I was look for an auto feeder.