Portable 2000-watt Generator

  • Ensure you have plenty of back-up with the Buffalo Tools GEN154 2000 watt portable generator
  • Ideal for camping or workshop
  • Easy to carry generator utilizes a 4-stroke 87cc gasoline engine
  • Low oil shutoff switch prevents damage
  • 1.5 gallon fuel tank has the capacity to run for 9 hours at 50 percent load
  • Tube frame for protection and easy transportation
  • Sufficient power for small appliances or power tools
  • EPA approved

  • Running watts: 1500
  • Starting watts: 2000
  • Engine: 87cc engine
  • Engine Noise Level: 80DB
  • Fuel tank: 1.5 gallons
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Run time at half load: 9 hours
  • Outlets: 2
  • Voltage: 1-120v A/C, 1-12v D/C
  • Weight: 55 pounds

Note: This model cannot be shipped to California
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What's the matter?
sly1960 Mar 02, 2013
great deal, gotta get one soon, thanks for posting
rsaccomandi Jul 07, 2012
See below URL lower price at tractor supply 150.00

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krmills1 Jul 07, 2012
I looked at the link and it says they are only available in select stores, I couldn't get the price to show up either.
psplove Jul 06, 2012
Right now is $183.25. But still great price. Thanks
tpark6283 Jul 05, 2012
Where we vacationed this week was hit very hard by those storms Friday night/Saturday Morning and a lot of people could have used this. I will be keeping in touch with some of the people we met, so I will definitely be spreading the word. Thanks!
EzzyLovesToSave Jul 05, 2012
Gotta get this!...such a great price, thanks!:)
krmills1 Jul 05, 2012
I can't wait to get mine! I hope it works out for what I want it for in case of the next power failure! I just want it to run my refrigerator and a small portable air-conditioner and maybe a light or two.
wogga Jul 05, 2012
Better to get a quiet, nicer one like one of the Honda 'i' models. This promises to be stinky and loud as heck.
solowkoe Jul 05, 2012
I would like to have one as a emergency. this is a great price. nice post.
branie Jul 05, 2012
I hope not to jinx myself and my town, but our town ran power company has faired very well during all of the crazy weather of the past few years. The larger electric companies not so much, my brother one town over was without power for a week last year and sure wished he had a generator but they were all sold out, passing this along to everyone I know, seems like a decent deal to at the very least have a light or two on and keep the food in the refrigerator cold. Thanks for the great find.
dealseeker299 Jul 05, 2012
Solid deal for a generator.
Dexterous Jul 05, 2012
looks like a powerful generator, nice deal
poe601 Jul 05, 2012
People in my area could use this right now. They still have no power after last weeks storm in the east.
zoneric Jul 05, 2012
I never had to deal with outages, thank God. But this can be useful if it ever happens.
ancagavs Jul 05, 2012
It might come in very handy. Especially in a crisis situation.
blackfoot Jul 04, 2012
Good deal. I'd really like one of these.
Brentheriot Jul 04, 2012
nice to have after a hurricane. Even if its only big enough to run the fridge
shopange08 Jul 04, 2012
i know many of my friends in NJ and MD who could've used this this past week after our crazy thunderstorms!
erick99 Jul 04, 2012
1500 hundred watts isn't that much but the price is very low. I think you could run your fridge and a few lights. After the big storms of last Friday I doubt you can find a generator in our area. Very nice price.
fluffy Jul 05, 2012
I got to use my 3000 watt (3500w surge) propane-powered generator for the first time since I bought it over 2 years ago! I plugged it into the house wiring and was able to run much more than I figured for much longer than I imagined. It ran the fridge and two 7cu-ft chest freezers, the TV, 4 desktop computers, the microwave, a ceiling fan, and any and all lights. Without the microwave running, we were able to run an iron, and later two 500 watt window air conditioners. This ran off a single 20# propane tank that was not quite full to begin with for 12 hours, when the utility power was restored. It could have probably run another hour or two with the remaining fuel. I did cheat slightly in that I have about 115w of grid-tied solar power connected to this, so the fuel probably lasted longer than it otherwise would have.

I previously had a 1000w (1200w surge) generator which couldn't even run one of those air conditioners by itself, even though it should have been able to. I am suspicious of the ratings on the cheap units. Very cheap generators often use carbon brushes to keep the rotor magnetized. These are guaranteed to fail before anything else, so you really need to keep spare brushes on hand. Most generators use a brushless design that doesn't need such frequent maintenance.
catchersmom Jul 04, 2012
Ill have to send this to my sister she has a greater need then me
rd995 Jul 04, 2012
i can tell you that this is one item that people dont think they might need until they lose power in a storm, the shipping is good for such a big and heavy item
krmills1 Jul 04, 2012
I just bought one of these because we had a power outage in our area for almost 6 days!! I was one of the lucky ones that had power restored in 24 hours, but the rest of town wasn't so lucky!!
arsiel Jul 05, 2012
I heard about that on the radio this morning. Glad to see that you got it back!
shimisi Jul 05, 2012
Glad you're no longer in the dark. And you'll be prepared if it ever happens again.