Rival 3-Quart Crock Pot

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What's the matter?
tr1plication Dec 24, 2013
Back again 12/24/2013
srborges Dec 15, 2013
currently unavailable for store pickup
Acarone Dec 15, 2013
price is back! thanks for the update!
bbattag Oct 15, 2012
Everyone needs a crockpot. Wonder how good the quality is.
austin38 Oct 15, 2012
I just broke my crock pot and I've been looking for a replacement! Great find!
ReturninVideoTps Oct 15, 2012
Nice crock pot. Great for football season
solucky Oct 15, 2012
It's so cheap. Really a good deal.
MrBklynW Oct 14, 2012
hmmm....thats pretty dorn cheap...i guess i agree warey about quality
shopange08 Oct 14, 2012
Thank you for sharing--this will be perfect for football!
aznballa161 Oct 14, 2012
Thanks for sharing this deal. Good addition to any kitchen.
naturaldeal Oct 14, 2012
super price , nice find
tpark6283 Oct 14, 2012
Great deal...this will be perfect for warm dips!!
Bmarka Oct 14, 2012
RedHeadSaver Oct 14, 2012
Fantastic find! Everyone should always haveat least two crock-pots and you can't beat the price!
YesBoss Oct 14, 2012
Now the price showing $15.49, looks like the deal is dead.
FibroMom Oct 14, 2012
FYI... I got mine form the last deal that was run on this and am VERY Impressed! This is the perfect size for a single person or small family - I know my gift recipient will love it! GOOD Deal - so buy while the price is Good! :)
encorez Oct 14, 2012
sorry...but I see these cheap CP at every store everyday......
dvinegrace83 Oct 14, 2012
ur right... i think my biggest concern is getting a QUALITY slowcooker that being the case. i got mine at a great price, but it overcooks EVERYTHING
branie Oct 14, 2012
This little crock pot is back again and really is tempting me to buy a few for gifts.
poe601 Oct 14, 2012
Nice deal and perfect size for smaller servings.
THartz606 Oct 10, 2012
Wow for this price I think it's time to replace the current one I have.
newjerseychickxo Oct 09, 2012
Awesome find!! With this price ,I got to get one for myself. Thanks
Deedle_pie Oct 09, 2012
I have to look into this your way max thing. Never heard of it until today. Like Shop Runner?
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rockinnrolla Oct 09, 2012
It is! You can get 3 months for free!
Dexterous Oct 09, 2012
This is better than Black Friday deal
candzyangel Oct 09, 2012
this is great deal and super low price.
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ReturninVideoTps Oct 09, 2012
Wow, this is a big crock pot for that price. Nice find
ancagavs Oct 09, 2012
an amazing price for this pot. thanks for sharing.
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chuckydealpl Oct 09, 2012
nice size when you don't have much space and need a larger pot
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shopange08 Oct 08, 2012
Wow! Awesome deal on this.. Gonna pick up two.. Thanks!
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dvinegrace83 Oct 08, 2012
maybe this one can replace the faulty one i currently own!
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blackfoot Oct 08, 2012
Good deal for a smaller sized crock pot. Perfect for small family meals.
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glwrks Oct 08, 2012
This has a removable stoneware crock, which makes washing so much easier.
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themoneyman1113 Oct 08, 2012
Good deal for a little crock pot. Great for a single person. Just the right size.
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FibroMom Oct 08, 2012
Thank you - perfect size for the 1 I had on my Gift List of things to buy for Christmas! Just ordered one using my Shop-Your-Way-Max (loving this 3 months free membership!) GREAT Find! :)
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rockinnrolla Oct 08, 2012
I think I am gonna renew mine! I love it so much! :)
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ancagavs Oct 09, 2012
too bad I can't take advantage of these memberships.
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nthsll Oct 08, 2012
This might be good for my son who is completely out on his own for the first time. No room mate, nothing.
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rockinnrolla Oct 08, 2012
OMG!!! How exciting for him! How old is he again?
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nthsll Oct 08, 2012
He's 19. He moved out and in with a room mate 6 months ago. He picked up a job in another town about 30 miles away a couple weeks ago. He was exited Friday because he got his check and he could buy more than the Ramen noodles, which was all he had left of his grocery stash. The joys of young single life.
ancagavs Oct 09, 2012
19 and he's already living on his own? that's a big step :)
rockinnrolla Oct 09, 2012
WOW 19 and on his own... Happens fast huh?
nthsll Oct 09, 2012
Yup. He's always been pretty independent. After he jumped out there he kinda realized that staying at home wouldn'ta been so bad after all.

My youngest...if he doesn't go to boot camp, I may never get him outta the house. :-)
boricua1 Oct 08, 2012
super price for this..very nice find
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Jazmine_ilene Oct 08, 2012
GREAT price ; thanks for sharing