Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 20-Piece Storage Set

Store and organize leftovers and snacks with the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 20-Piece Storage Set. Kmart is offering the set for $9.99 with free in-store pick up.

How to get the deal:
  1. Add set to cart for $9.99
  2. Select shipping or free in-store pick up
  3. Checkout with final price of $9.99 + free in-store pick up ($5.75 shipping to home, free shipping on $59+)
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What's the matter?
dddsss Aug 30, 2014
Further dollar price drop = eight dollars
stickymcwicketso Jun 25, 2014
I eat cereal out of these when my Aunt hasn't cleaned my bowls. Pretty good because you can just put a lid on it and keep it in the fridge (or freezer).
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FibroMom Jun 24, 2014
In need of some new ones - nice price!
cmanguerra Jun 24, 2014
Great price for a 20 piece set
tr1plication Jun 24, 2014
Back again 6/24/2014
SmartMommy May 22, 2014
Such a great deal! At this price I won't worry so much if someone doesn't return it to me.
savingsista May 22, 2014
Wow. Too bad I only use glassware now. Great deal though.
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blackfoot May 22, 2014
Price drop 5/22
MrBklynW Mar 15, 2014
3/16 - Deal is back again with price drop!
MrBklynW May 25, 2013
that is a amazing price. thanks!
deby32953 May 24, 2013
I'm going to pick up a few as gifts. Great for anyone especially at this price!
nimase85 May 24, 2013
This is a really great price for a 20 Piece Storage Set I will be sure to pass this deal on... Thanks for sharing...
iowahawkeyes May 24, 2013
Its namebrand. Definitely beats all those cheap off brands deals on here.
dealio23 May 24, 2013
I got this set last time it was on the FP and it's a pretty good deal at this price.
LisaNtom08 May 24, 2013
Awesome price for this!!!!definitely a necessity
jkbane May 24, 2013
My wife says she NEEDS this. $8 isn't a bad investment for a "necessity"
LindaKNor May 24, 2013
Nice price. I could use some of these.
EzzyLovesToSave May 24, 2013
Freat price!...can never have too many of these:)
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Nellysg May 24, 2013
It's a better deal than the previous one I found.
mdgirl May 24, 2013
I am happy its available to pick up in store next to me.
poe601 May 24, 2013
Great deal for this size set with many sizes.
sorinlandiana May 24, 2013
I believe the price is very good and I could buy one for my mom.
Kritsy May 24, 2013
I bought this same set 3 weeks ago for 19.99 :(
akaricke May 24, 2013
I wish I would have seen this earlier. Out of stock when you try to add it to your cart.
Acarone May 24, 2013
@akaricke still works for me, keep trying! good luck!
kevin07 May 24, 2013
@akaricke perpahs you are choosing a store and is not available at that store? still available for me for shipping.. if you have shop your way max it will ship free they have a 90 day trial :)
YesBoss May 24, 2013
Good Price For Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 20-Piece Storage Set .
vimalr May 24, 2013
good price drop for the 20 piece set.
glwrks May 24, 2013
Super price! I'll text the kids to see if they have the time to swing by a Kmart. They may find the time, as I always send something home with them on visits;)
FibroMom May 24, 2013
Got them this go around! What an awesome price for a 20 price set! Grabbing some for gifts as well as myself! Thanks! :)
Mawhen May 24, 2013
Great price for 20! Nice find! I use these containers a lot!
rd995 May 24, 2013
you can never have enough of this and makes always a good gift thanks for this awesome price
FibroMom Mar 24, 2013
$13.67 is the price now. :( Hate that I missed this great deal! :(
backspace Mar 24, 2013
Selling @ $13.67 now
tylerhews Mar 24, 2013
i know i love rubbermaid tupperware, this is a great bargain
ancagavs Mar 24, 2013
great price for 20 pieces. and they come in different sizes too.
zoneric Mar 24, 2013
@ancagavs and I think it comes in different size too. and I like that too.
MrBklynW Mar 23, 2013
great price, glad to see it back again. thanks!
arsiel Mar 23, 2013
Nooooo another price drop?! I got it for $11 or so, even with my rewards points :(
zoneric Mar 24, 2013
@arsiel you should have waited. even with the $11, it was a good price, I think.
arsiel May 24, 2013
Got it for less than $6 with my shop your way rewards points SHIPPED! Hooray :)
littlexu Mar 23, 2013
Great price for these 20-Piece Storage Set. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
rockinnrolla Mar 23, 2013
Super price for a 20 piece set. Thanks for sharing. :)
krmills1 Mar 23, 2013
I was just at Home Depot and they had this set for $7.00, just to let ya know if your going to be at home depot.
themoneyman1113 Mar 23, 2013
@krmills1 I will check as I need to go to HD tomorrow, thanks and this deal is not too bad either.
lauchremi Mar 23, 2013
@krmills1 thanks! i was just about to purchase this. think i may hit up home depot when i run that way.
zoneric Mar 24, 2013
@krmills1 $7 for the entire set? even better a deal.
dealio23 Mar 23, 2013
Really good price on these! I can never have too many storage containers. Thanks
xptrish Mar 23, 2013
I normally don't plus up these because it seems people plus it up just because its a storage deal,but this one I feel is a very good price
munkin2u Nov 19, 2012
Rubbermaid is usually pricey. Kmart is really stepping up their game lately.
ReturninVideoTps Nov 19, 2012
Love these stackable, locking-lid containers. Really great for storage and organization
YesBoss Nov 19, 2012
Wow, Looks Like Its Very Good Price For 20 Piece Set.
psplove Nov 19, 2012
I just picked up mine today. Great price.
solucky Nov 19, 2012
Nice price drop/
pbooter Nov 19, 2012
Yeah, the price is really nice here.
MrBklynW Nov 18, 2012
wow, great price for a 20 piece, awesome find!
abcgirl Nov 18, 2012
Really a nice deal which works well for me. Thank you very much.
Florida2Texas Nov 18, 2012
not big on plastic containers but this is a great price.
blackfoot Nov 18, 2012
Good deal for storing all Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers.
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