Seville Classics Resin-Wood Composite Utility Shoe Rack

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Units are stackable (requires 2 units)
  • Shelves can expand/bridge horizontally (requires 2 units and extra shelves)
  • Finish: mocha - epoxy coated frame
  • No Tools or assembly required
  • Folds flat for easy storage

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What's the matter?
tr1plication Apr 30, 2014
Back again 4/30/2014
Retrex Dec 20, 2013
Price drop, thanks
Acarone Dec 11, 2013
price drop!
erick99 May 07, 2013
I do need something like this. It seems like my sons and I have at least three pairs of sneakers each and they end up all over the living room (well, clustered near the front door).
ancagavs May 07, 2013
I don't think this can fit all my shoes. I need at least 2 of them. lol
zoneric May 07, 2013
I have only 3 pairs of shoes. so this will do just fine for me.
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@zoneric only 3 pairs? that's a small number. I have a lot more :)
LokaFreeThings2 May 06, 2013
I know a lot of ladies who could use one of these. Good find:)
dvinegrace83 May 06, 2013
i think this would be great, especially for my kids shoes.. their little shoes are too little to fit on those other types of shoe racks..
bbattag May 06, 2013
That's a nice looking rack. Good for keeping shoes organized
shomewhere May 06, 2013
Great! ordered one!
WideAnglePhoto May 06, 2013
Hope the price drops again soon. Will keep it bookmarked just in case, cause I sure would love this for the sunroom!
littlexu May 06, 2013
It is $29.97 now. It is a nice and sturdy shoes rack. I guessed I just missed the deal.
shimisi May 06, 2013
This looks very stable. Shoes won't be sliding off this one : )
roylong May 06, 2013
this is very good
naturaldeal May 06, 2013
This is much durable and strong
kevin07 May 06, 2013
looking at the picture seems you can only fit 9 pair of shoes :(
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@kevin07 do you have more than 9 pairs? I know I do :)
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alecupope May 07, 2013
@kevin07 maybe if you squeeze them together, more will fit :)
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Trollnaldo May 07, 2013
@kevin07 thats what she said. HEYOOOO!
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kevin07 May 07, 2013
@kevin07 still not enough space for 40-50 pair lol
kevin07 May 07, 2013
@kevin07 and btw this is kevin's sister :) we are a sis-bro team :)
rockinnrolla May 06, 2013
This can come in handy! Nice price. :)
MrBklynW May 06, 2013
this is a awesome deal, great find. thanks!
ucrual May 05, 2013
Very nice and practical Shoe Rack!
truncj May 05, 2013
I own this shoe rack and its remarkably well-built. Looks great, goes together with relative ease (might need a mallet to get the last clip to lock on ) and very solid.
CubsFan34 May 05, 2013
Great for organizing shoes ours always get spread out all over the place this is perfect
Dexterous May 05, 2013
great shoe rack, perfect size and strong
blackfoot May 05, 2013
Nice shelf for shoes for organizing the closet.
arsiel May 05, 2013
Great price. The fourth picture looks really neat. I've been waiting for this price to come down.
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lilywow May 05, 2013
Great price for this Shoe Rack. I love the color