Soap Magic Hands-Free Soap Dispenser - As Seen On TV

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deepyellowdaffod Jun 27, 2012
I have the same one and it works great. Only minus point is that it needs 4 AA batteries. Good one for $9.99 though.
aznballa161 Jun 26, 2012
I have a similar one, the Lysol brand and it worked very well. The only downside is that the soap replacement is quite expensive.
lilywow Jun 26, 2012
Great price to try this product. I am sold on the Free Shipping.
nimase85 Jun 24, 2012
Thanks for posting... I am a big fan of anything that cuts down on the germs and for this price its even better
drewskidooo Jun 24, 2012
This is a great deal! Thanks for posting!
MdavidK30 Jun 24, 2012
I know a few places which could use this. Nice price on it.
Subha83 Jun 24, 2012
Very useful one.Nice find.Free shipping is good.Thanks for sharing.
poe601 Jun 24, 2012
Great price with free shipping, I have one and love it!
THartz606 Jun 23, 2012
Wow that's a great price on this. Thanks for sharing the deal. :)
akaricke Jun 23, 2012
I got one of these the last time around. They work great BUT the battery lid is on the very bottom and if you get water around the bottom it makes the battery contacts corrode. Keep the bottom dry and it is a nice product.
Planecrazy Jun 24, 2012
What about putting some "sticky rubber feet" on the bottom of the unit to raise it off a wet counter? Seems like that might be the "foolproof solution" if all else is good with this! ;-)
Planecrazy Jun 24, 2012
One other question ... Can you adjust the amount of soap that is dispensed? The Lysol units don't allow adjustment, and they waste LOTS of soap (I have two units, and they both squirt much more than is needed).
deepyellowdaffod Jun 27, 2012
@Planecrazy :
I think there are two settings for amount of soap to be dispensed. One setting dispenses too much and the other a little less (which is still more than the amount of soap one would need but not too much).
psplove Jun 23, 2012
Nice price with free shipping. Good deal!
YesBoss Jun 23, 2012
Nice find. Looks like very good deal, thanks for sharing the post.
rd995 Jun 23, 2012
this one made it kind of late to the hot page the deal its almost over still good find thanks for posting
catchersmom Jun 23, 2012
I think for this price i will try it
encorez Jun 23, 2012
I have one, and it works good out of the sun light.......
encorez Jun 23, 2012
sun light makes it go off.....
FibroMom Jun 23, 2012
I have read the good the bad and the ugly on these - really want to give this a try at this great price... has anyone else tried this kind - and if so - what did you think of it?
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dealwagger Jun 23, 2012
I have tried something similar--the Lysol No Touch system--when it was free after coupon and promotion at Walgreens. I bought three and the first two worked great. But they got really dirty so I would replace them and throw out the old one (wasteful, but it turned out I didn't need them for the kitchen b/c of our remodeling). The third one is really wonky and tends to squirt soap when no one's there. If it has a return policy that includes free shipping I would say go for it, and return if it squirts soap for invisible people :)
arsiel Jun 23, 2012
Hahah @ invisible people. I read that it gets dirty after a while too. So strange...
dvinegrace83 Jun 24, 2012
ahhh good to know! sounds like a mess to me! i'm glad i've mastered the art of pushing the soap pump with my forearm