Sodastream Jet Home Soda Maker

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What's the matter?
watchguyny Jun 22, 2012
Nice find, this would be great for my parents
elvis1107 Jun 21, 2012
I think I want one.
lilywow Jun 20, 2012
This is the lowest price I have ever seen a soda stream go for. Great find!!!
krmills1 Jun 20, 2012
I was just going to say that this was the lowest price I have ever seen on one of these, the last one I saw was way over $120 at JcPenney.
Christine Jun 20, 2012
my friend has been wanting one of these in awhile...i'll hafta tell her about the sale right now
nimase85 Jun 20, 2012
Omg I so want one of these to bad I don't have $55 to spend right now... This does seem like a great deal though... I will be passing this along...
arsiel Jun 20, 2012
I think my friend has the same exact one. The flavors they include taste like the diet sodas. It was fun thinking of all the things we could carbonate though :x
mugsisme Jun 20, 2012
you can only carbonate water with the SodaStream, you then have to add flavors or juices.
drewskidooo Jun 20, 2012
This is a great deal! Thank you for posting it.
mugsisme Jun 20, 2012
Yes, make your own, get a 20# C02 tank, a few Carbonator caps, a regulator, a hose, and a barb. I made a DIY system like this in November, and I make about 20-25 litres a week and I am still using my original 20# of gas. Should last about a year before I have to refill it, for about $25. I can carbonate any liquid, not just water like with the sodastream, and I can use 2 litre bottles. Very easy to make and maintain.
mongofrye Jun 20, 2012
take a look at the link above... do you think its worth buying the kit. I've searched the parts out and it looks like it will only cost an extra 10-15 for the above kits. How much did your system cost?
mugsisme Jun 20, 2012
It really depends on what size tank you need. I was lucky and got a tank from a friend for only about $20. You can get the tubing and clamps at Home Depot for about $5. The barb is about $6 and the caps are about $15. I got the barb and caps from Northern Brewer. Look to see if you can get an empty tank on CraigsList or something similar. Dont buy a new empty tank, as when you go to get it filled, they will just give you a used tank in return. If you can find a good deal on a tank, that is most of the cost. The regulator cost me about $38, I just got it where I filled my tank. You can also make your own caps with tire valve stems and a tire chuck, but there is always the worry about it not being food grade and having a rubbery taste. I started out with 2 carbonator caps and then bought a bunch more over time. I love my setup, no more buying seltzer, and I can carbonate grape juice, apple juice, lemonade, etc. Once you get the hang of making the bottles, it is really easy. Good luck.
mongofrye Jun 20, 2012
get one of these instead. Cost more upfront, but you don't have to pay for crazy expensive CO2 cartridges from Soda Stream. Supposedly works better too... Ima buy one.
branie Jun 20, 2012
I think the soda stream is a great invention. Kids are amazed when you first make them a cup of soda that didn't come from a supermarket shelf. Nice find and price.
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FibroMom Jun 20, 2012
Nice price - even with the surcharge - much better than I have seen on other sites. I think these things are really neat and will be Black Friday highlight deals this year. Nice Find - thank you. :)
gbdelivery Jun 20, 2012
I love it!!!!!
Dexterous Jun 20, 2012
great soda maker, good price as well thanks
austin38 Jun 20, 2012
This is my first time seeing this! Looks awesome?!
ReturninVideoTps Jun 20, 2012
Saw this on TV. Not sure if it sounds cool or not...