Spray Nozzle - 7 Pattern Adjustable Garden Hose Nozzle

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zsprayer (L1)
Jun 18, 2013
Recent Review from Adam on Amazon.com check it out:

"Wow!! I was a bit conscious at first before deciding to try the zSPRAYER but thought I may as well try my luck. After purchasing so many other spray nozzles that crapped out in the past, I thought this one was going to be just as bad.

Boy was I wrong! I received the zSPRAYER in just a few days and from the moment I opened the parcel, I knew this spray nozzle was of high quality. The packaging looked great and was very professional compared to other spray nozzles I have purchased. I immediately went outside and plugged it into my hose and tried it out.

I was surprised how comfortable it fitted in my hand and how easy it was to use. It felt strong and sturdy like you know it wasn't going to break. I used all 7 spray settings and all of them had great pressure. Best of all it didn't leak!!! The whole time I was using the zSPRAYER my hand stayed dry and even when I turned the hose off it did not leak.

I needed a spray nozzle that would do everything I needed to without crapping out after a few uses and the zSPRAYER does exactly that! I've owned the zSPRAYER for over 3 months now. I use it about 4 times a week and still have had no issues with it. Hoping it continues to last all though there is a 1 year replacement guarantee if something were to go wrong I would be able to get a new one but I'm sure I won't need to.

Overall I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a high quality spray nozzle that won't let you down. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a garden spray nozzle. The zSPRAYER is awesome!!"

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