Teaology Fiore Borosilicate Blooming Teapot and Glass Set

Warmer base included
Borosilicate Glass
High Heat Resistance
Set includes teapot, warmer base with plate/tealight and 6 glasses
Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers
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What's the matter?
omegafemale Feb 11, 2013
darn, currently unavailable and the only other set they have includes 4 cups as opposed to six like this one.
poe601 Feb 11, 2013
Now $39.95 but still a good price, great gift idea.
Peppee Feb 11, 2013
Fabulous price.. this one looks attractive.. i like this teapot.. tempting me to have one cup of tea.. :)
psplove Feb 11, 2013
Now back to $39.95
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ukaran Feb 11, 2013
Massive Price Drop. Good Looking. Actually I was searching for a Gift to my Cousin. I think this is the Best Choice. Thanks for sharing
dealio23 Feb 10, 2013
What a pretty presentation! Nice gift idea for a housewarming. Thanks!
Christine Feb 10, 2013
amazing price drop and great set!
blackfoot Feb 10, 2013
Good price drop, like this tea set.
mikhaila Feb 10, 2013
this is really cute and fancy thanks for sharing and its a great price
newguy Feb 10, 2013
I like the design. I know the person who'd like this set. Thanks for sharing.
tanush6 Feb 10, 2013
the tea pot if very pretty...but on a funnier side why is this pink?
Florida2Texas Feb 10, 2013
The tea pot is not pink. Its clear. Its the tea that is pink cause it some kind of fruit or flower tea.
Dexterous Feb 10, 2013
this is very nice glass set, nice find
additc Feb 10, 2013
this thing is pretty
krmills1 Feb 10, 2013
I like the looks of this set, even if you didn't use it for actual tea making!
branie Feb 10, 2013
So unique and would make a good gift for someone who may have everything, chances are they may not have this :) Nice find.
Jazmine_ilene Feb 10, 2013
this is a lovely set. it will make such a great gift for myself and my mom =)
FibroMom Feb 10, 2013
As a Tea Drinker and a Tea Lover, I must say "I LOVE THIS DEAL"! Not even waiting to see if someone will think to buy this for me - I'm getting this for myself! Thank you - so cool! :)
WideAnglePhoto Feb 10, 2013
This will make a Beautiful gift set!!! Might have to get one for myself as well! Thanks for sharing!
lotuslove19 Feb 10, 2013
I would love to gift it to someone very dear,it's her favorite.
LindaKNor Feb 10, 2013
This would be a great gift for my mom. She is always rewarming her tea in the microwave.
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THartz606 Feb 10, 2013
Nice price drop for this. If more people drank tea in the house I'd pick it up, but I'm the only one that does.
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ancagavs Feb 10, 2013
is the tea pink? or is the set pink? looks like the tea is pink :) too bad, would have been a cool color :)
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Christine Feb 10, 2013
hhahahah i was thinkng the same thing!!!!
ancagavs Feb 11, 2013
well, I like the color. but after the tea is over, no more pretty color :)