Thermos Tea Tumbler w/ Infuser (Chocolate) + FREE Sample Tea

Free Sample:
Youthberry/ Wild Orange w/ Rock Sugar Sample 1oz

Shipping: $4.75
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dropslike Apr 17, 2012
Great discount on this lovely Thermos, now i can carry my tea from home to office!
MrBklynW Apr 16, 2012
very good, we're big tea drinkers here=), usually we have a small teapot with a filter, this saves the trouble.
aznballa161 Apr 16, 2012
This looks cool, unique item. Great price also! thanks for posting
xichigox Apr 16, 2012
So is the infuser at the top? If so, does that mean I have to turn my tumbler upside down when water is low to get more 'tea' flavor?
shimisi Apr 16, 2012
I've always wanted a tumbler with infuser, but the high-quality ones are never this cheap. Thanks!
dropslike Apr 05, 2012
50% Discount for this great Thermos Tea Tumbler w/ Infuser! I will use it at work
Luxinyu Apr 05, 2012
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dvinegrace83 Apr 04, 2012
lol i think i've seen this model before since we go to teavana every so often. amazing price for this, but i remember the salesperson telling us that there are so many pieces to it, and the mesh strainer part is kind of large so that fine pieces of tea get through.. seems like it'd be okay if you use tea with larger leaves?
catchersmom Apr 04, 2012
humm I think I will try this one thanks
Dexterous Apr 04, 2012
You put water and it gives chocolate flavor? I don't have any experience with this
unrealnighthawk Apr 16, 2012
FYI, "Chocolate" is referring to the color of the tumbler. :-)
iowahawkeyes Apr 04, 2012
I have never used or heard about one of these, yet I have seen these all over! Its worth it to try at this price though! Can you use it with other stuff?
arsiel Apr 04, 2012
I've never had one so I can't give you any personal review but my friend had one and I believe you can. It's not perma-chocolate & the whole idea sounded really cool when he told me about it
unrealnighthawk Apr 16, 2012
FYI, "Chocolate" is referring to the color of the tumbler. :-)