Tide Boost Vivid White + Bright He In-Wash Booster 18 Count

10 COUNT - $3.99 + CLIP $2.00 COUPON = $1.99

18 COUNT - $6.97 + CLIP $2.00 COUPON = $4.97

28 COUNT - Subscribe & Save: Save 5% $9.49 + CLIP $2.00 COUPON = $7.49

37 COUNT - Subscribe & Save: Save 5% $11.39 + CLIP $2.00 COUPON = $9.39

The Add-on program allows Amazon to offer thousands of low-priced items that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. These items ship with qualifying orders over $25 and are eligible for free shipping.
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What's the matter?
EzzyLovesToSave Aug 23, 2013
Great price!...thanks:)
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MrBklynW Feb 15, 2013
good price for a 18 ct. thanks for sharing!
dvinegrace83 Feb 14, 2013
wonder how this compares to just regular bleach?
bbattag Feb 14, 2013
Ive hear these are just a waste of money. Any opinions here from people who have tried them?
pun555 Aug 09, 2013
@bbattag I tried them, I liked it very much, I really feel that it brightens the color.
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bbattag Aug 14, 2013
@pun555 - thanks!
Dexterous Feb 14, 2013
its in my cart, havent checked out, i was busy and now its gone lol
gabsmoooth Feb 14, 2013
sold out
bbattag Feb 14, 2013
Still shows available for me
branie Feb 14, 2013
Looks like the price went up. I believe I have a sample of this tide, I'll have to see..
xptrish Feb 14, 2013
Nope,you have to scroll down a little and "clip" the $3 Coupon : )
akaricke Feb 14, 2013
I am going to try these out at this price.
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hemalaa Feb 04, 2013
Very good price. Love these boosters for washing.
seanvcxz Feb 04, 2013
I still haven't tried these out yet. I hear they work really good, but it just seems weird putting a packet in where I normally put soap.
boricua1 Feb 04, 2013
great price..really nice price..nice find
tanush6 Feb 04, 2013
looks like a new brand by TIDE..never seen this in the stores.
tanush6 Feb 04, 2013
wow...nice price for a good item. i bet almost everyone in this site will go for it.
rd995 Feb 04, 2013
nice find i dont think you can find this at the store this low thanks for sharing
Mawhen Feb 04, 2013
Gonna get these! This is a really good deal. Thanks for sharing!
MrBklynW Feb 04, 2013
this is a great price, nice find!
blackfoot Feb 03, 2013
I heard these work pretty good, have yet to try them.
erick99 Feb 03, 2013
Curious about these add-on products and willing to give it a try at tis price.
tpark6283 Feb 03, 2013
Loving these pods, but never saw this tide brand...thanks for sharing
xptrish Feb 03, 2013
me either,def giving them a try,nothing worse than dingy whites,curious to see how they work
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arsiel Feb 03, 2013
My mom loves them so I know they have to be good! This price is pretty darn good for them too.
pun555 Feb 03, 2013
this is add-on items,. can't be shipped until we reach cart total to $25
THartz606 Feb 03, 2013
Nice price with the $3 clipped coupon. Thanks for the post.
Nellysg Feb 03, 2013
Great price drop.... Will order mine today!
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supercouponingmo Feb 03, 2013
Great offer! Thanks for posting! I will have to get this one!
cid681 Feb 03, 2013
Hadn't heard of ones just for whites. Good price and thanks for the post.