4 Pack Emergency Thermal Blankets

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This blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat and cold
Blanket is manufactured from extremely lightweight, flexible, space-age material
Deflects heat in hot climate, can also be used to offset hypothermic reactions
Perfect for camping trips and sporting events
Blanket size is standard 52" x 84" - comes with a pack of 4 blankets
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What's the matter?
wogga Sep 13, 2012
These are reflecting blankets (tin foil) not thermal insulating blankets. They are great for hiking or cases where hypothermia due to unexpected exposure might be a risk.
MrBklynW Sep 12, 2012
wow super cheap, wouldn't mind to have this in the car for the kids during long trips, thanks
deal Sep 11, 2012
yeah this is definitely a great idea in case of an emergency to keep in the trunk. thank you. =]
MdavidK30 Sep 11, 2012
Thermal blankets are good for emergencies.
rd995 Sep 11, 2012
looks like a good price for less than $1.15 each and free shipping
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nthsll Sep 11, 2012
I have some of these. If you roll it into a cylindar and stick your hand inside, you can immediately see how it works. You hand heats up quickly,
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rockinnrolla Sep 11, 2012
What a great deal for 4 blankets! Perfect to stash in the trunk.
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drewskidooo Sep 11, 2012
I bought one of these once and every time I see it I think, why did I buy that? But then again... I live in Florida. haha
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psplove Sep 10, 2012
Great deal. it's time to stock up some more.
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shopange08 Sep 10, 2012
Four blankets for under $5?? Awesome deal!! Gonna share this deal and pick up a few for myself! Thanks
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iowahawkeyes Sep 10, 2012
These are great to throw in your car for those moments you never expect that come. Winter is around the corner!
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portal45 Sep 11, 2012
"Winter is coming." - Eddard Stark
deby32953 Sep 10, 2012
Great deal, I'll pass it on to my Northern friends.
newjerseychickxo Sep 10, 2012
Great item to have in your car! Nice find:)
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poe601 Sep 10, 2012
Awesome deal for a 4 pack with free shipping, gonna get a couple packs as extra gifts!
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EzzyLovesToSave Sep 10, 2012
This is awesome!...especially with the upcoming winter months!
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