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It's safe and easy to house multiple bettas with the Top Fin's Dual Betta Hex. Keeps bettas separated for their safety while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of more than one.

The Dual Betta Hex capitalizes on the betta's ability to live in a small area without the need for additional filtration. And when bettas are in close proximity with one another, they're stimulated to intensify their colors, spread their fins and flare their gills, creating a magnificent display. The Dual Betta Hex includes a divider panel, decorative gravel, plastic plants and a ridged lid which allows additional Betta Hex units to stack on top of one another. Includes a free sample of Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Food.

Dimensions: 7.5"W X 4.25"D X 5"H

1. Rinse Dual Betta Hex, gravel, and plant with water and assemble.
2. Fill with room temperature dechlorinated water.
3. Float betta bag in water for approximately ten minutes (to avoid shock). Discard shipping water and place betta in its new home.
4. Dual Betta Hex should be place in an area that will sustain a constant temperature. Do not place Dual Betta Hex near electrical appliances or in direct sunlight.
5. Feed betta two to three pellets or flakes of betta food once a day. You may add brine shrimp, blood worm, or daphnia to the diet.
6. Change water and clean regularly. Replace with dechlorinated water.

Made in the USA.
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