Walmart (In-Store) - 2 Kingsford Charcoal 15LB Bags for $5.48

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tonman23 May 23, 2012
just wanted to say thanks for this!!! I stopped by Walmart after work and they were sold out but a pallet literally came in when I went to go ask someone and picked up 8 bags for $43! I love cooking with charcoal and with the chimney lighter it's not as time consuming anymore.
nimase85 May 21, 2012
This is a great price for two bags 15lb bags of Charcoal and just in time for the beginning of the barbeque season
mikhaila May 21, 2012
wow this is an amazing price
themoneyman1113 May 21, 2012
When I see these charcoal it makes me want to switch back, I like my gas grill, but...Nice deal.
blackfoot May 21, 2012
Very good deal on charcoal. Thanks cause I need to get some.
rd995 May 21, 2012
this is a great price you can stock up for the whole summer. it doesnt go bad and why not if you have the room to store it
jasoned May 21, 2012
Time to get out the grill! Can't wait for a nice juicy steak. Thanks for the post!
poe601 May 21, 2012
Great deal for a Twin Pack and free tore pick up.
glwrks May 21, 2012
Got some yesterday, and I'll have to say, last nights grill was more flavorsome, than what we've been having on the gas grill;)
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branie May 21, 2012
My friend just stocked up on charcoal at Walmart over the weekend. Good deal and just in time for next weekend and all the bbq's!!
bbattag May 21, 2012
Great deal on a great brand. Ill have to stock up
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rockinnrolla May 21, 2012
Nice price on Charcoal + Kingsford is a really good brand!
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shimisi May 21, 2012
Good time in the year to have a nice li'l stock of charcoal around. Thanks.
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MrBklynW May 20, 2012
not bad of a price. probably pick some up=D
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lilywow May 20, 2012
Right on time for the memorial day BBQ. Nice find.
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