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Add Small filler and use $15 OFF $100 Code: SEARS15

1. Add the fireplace item to your cart
2. Add any small filler (I added a round dinnerware) that makes your total over $100
3. Enter code: SEARS15
4. Total is $86.98
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What's the matter?
swimosunatedog Jan 17, 2012
I picked this up from my local Sears yesterday and I wouldn't call this warm oak. The wood is a lot darker than pictured.
zhn2011zhn Jan 16, 2012
nice deal!seems very pretty and homeine!
snypin04 Jan 16, 2012
these actually put off a lot of heat. especially if you but them in a bedroom
jasoned Jan 16, 2012
We had one of these in another house. They are not ideal when it is super cold in a large room. It takes a while to warm up.
MrBklynW Jan 16, 2012
this looks awesome, one of the cheapest i've seen it for.
nimase85 Jan 16, 2012
I luv these it is so pretty
psplove Jan 16, 2012
Nice look and thanks for the tips to get it for $86.98
Florida2Texas Jan 15, 2012
This would be very nice kept in the bedroom...may be I can also paint it darker to match rest of the furniture..
bethkay Jan 15, 2012
This is just what I was looking for! Sadly, it is out of stock at my local Sears and they won't ship it. I'm happy for you that got it, though!
grandma5 Jan 15, 2012
Nice Post. I own two of these that are a little bit larger & it's easy to replace the blower when they go out after a few years so I think that it's well worth it. Two yrs. ago the blower was about $40 for mine. Thanks.
branie Jan 15, 2012
Good to know when something needs to be fixed on these electric fireplaces, it doesn't cost more then the item to repair it! We had a small issue with the on/off switch but a friend was able to fix it for free :)
poe601 Jan 15, 2012
Wow, what a great deal! Nice Find!!!
newjerseychickxo Jan 15, 2012
I got this too,and spent close to $400 also.And I just got it right before Christmas.So this is a good price. Wow,wish I had waited.
branie Jan 15, 2012
My old house did not have a fire place and I really wanted one of these though not traditional, but we had no choice, so we bought a electric fireplace over 5 years ago for $400 so these clearly have gone done in price. This house now has a pellet stove so my electric fireplace is in my bedroom and we use it in those super cold days and works great all these years later. Great deal!!
dvinegrace83 Jan 15, 2012
ohh ok got it... never really paid much attention to this product and always wondered if it was just for looks. nice that it actually heats!
baldieee09 Jan 16, 2012
so this very item really is an actual fireplace?
FibroMom Jan 15, 2012
Perfect for the Home without a Fireplace - especially at Holiday tine! Thanks! :)
krmills1 Jan 15, 2012
Use code SHIP99 for free delivery.
branie Jan 15, 2012
I don't think this item qualifies does it??
krmills1 Jan 15, 2012
It says on the website orders over $99 qualify for free shipping, but if you use the discount coupon it goes below $99, so i don't know if it will work or not?
arsiel Jan 16, 2012
I don't think it'd work with the discount. They usually have the free shipping on offers that are over $99 after the discount
krmills1 Jan 15, 2012
Warm oak finish
Easy to set-up. KD construction with no venting or gas hook-ups.
18" ultrathin insert has a realistic natural flame
Flame works with or without the heater for year around use.
Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, stair case landings; even larger bathrooms and office reception areas.