Water Powered Clock Drop

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Color: Pink
Powered by water
Alternative energy
Water alarm clock
Decrease your carbon footprint
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What's the matter?
fluffy May 18, 2012
It's a total lie to call this thing "water powered", as the water is simply the electrolyte for a weak primary battery. The metal electrodes slowly being corroded by the water are the real source of energy. Given enough time, they would eventually be used up.

There's nothing wrong with powering a clock this interesting way, but calling it "green" or "alternative energy" or eco-anything is a complete misrepresentation. It's an old-fashioned wet cell battery, plain and simple.
Christine May 18, 2012
oohhh well this description no longer makes this clock as cool soundinggg
tylamro May 18, 2012
Wow this is some new age stuff... water powered!
erick99 May 18, 2012
Water clocks are powered by small fuel cells which use water as an electrolyte from which to extract electrons. The description is incorrect when it says the clock does not use electricity. Of course it uses electricity. Nothing but electricity is going to make an LCD work. So, it's a clock with a rather unconventional battery. In some ways, it is sort of like unsealed car batteries that require the addition of water at intervals.
dropslike May 18, 2012
my little sister will love this watch. The looks are great! will make a nice present
akaricke May 18, 2012
That is really neat. Cool article nthsll
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mikhaila May 18, 2012
oh this is really cool.
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jdkcc May 18, 2012
2-3/5 review. Good idea but not good for alarm clock. Why not combine both water and backup battery (for alarm clock and night light, but keep daily running using water).
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vimalr May 18, 2012
Seeing such a clock first time. Powered by water sounds cool.
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nthsll May 18, 2012

Cool article on how water powered clocks work, both historically and modern ones. The way THIS one works is on page 3 of the article.
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tpark6283 May 18, 2012
Cute little clock, pretty cool concept! Love the color, Nice find!
rockinnrolla May 18, 2012
Pretty cool looking clock! Love the PINK too! :)
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EzzyLovesToSave May 18, 2012
...and it's PINK!!!:)
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FibroMom May 18, 2012
I picked the color JUST for You! :)
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EzzyLovesToSave May 18, 2012
You had me at PINK!
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bbattag May 18, 2012
Hmm well this is interesting. Wonder how well it works.
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seanvcxz May 18, 2012
Water powered? That's pretty cool. Now we just need water powered cars!
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gangstabarbie May 17, 2012
Nice clock! Would look nice in my office ...
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Christine May 17, 2012
this is such a cute looking clock! and sooo awesome!!! water powered?!?!?
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dvinegrace83 May 17, 2012
that's what i wanna know! i just wanna get it to see how this thing works!
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Christine May 18, 2012
agreeed!!! i just dont understand this super awesome concept hahhah
krmills1 May 17, 2012
Pretty cool little clock, being powered by water and all. I wish they would invent a car that was powered by water.
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FibroMom May 17, 2012
Wouldn't that be AWESOME?!?
audiocracy May 18, 2012
As close to a water powered car as you'll get. The downside is that it's flipping expensive.

krmills1 May 18, 2012
WOW! Thats a lot to pay for a car, but it looks like maybe this could be the car of the future!