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Weider Pro 290W Bench and Weight Set

Possible free shipping with 30-day ShipVantage free trial

shipping is $66.25
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What's the matter?
Kevsta Jan 13, 2011
Good news! I just got a call from gofer this morning they said it was the correct price, they are going to ship it, but they are currently out of stalk. They also canceled my membership for me! Yay!
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somesome11 Jan 13, 2011
Same here, I just got my delivery confirmation! Sweet!!
baldieee09 Jan 13, 2011
Got my shipment confirmation as well! Niceeee :)
Kevsta Jan 14, 2011
im receiving my shipment today.. I got overnight shipping haha! I hope its the real thing and not a 137lb picture frame, or coal :(
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somesome11 Jan 14, 2011
Just got it today! Its the real deal, the UPS guy helped me put it in the garage (seems under 100 pounds total, so not too bad). I had got 1 day shipping as well, so that alone is worth more than the cost of the shipadvantage (overnight on a 100 pound package would be astronomical).
Kevsta Jan 14, 2011
ha! I got it too..the only downside is that the maximum weight limit for the barbell is 100 lbs and the foot machine weight limit is 50lbs and the lat pull down weight limit is 110 lb.. But I cant complain! 19.75 + 3.99 (overnight shipping) + tax = $25 bucks total. I don't think anything I have bought in my life time has compared to this :D
davidshek Jan 14, 2011
Mine was delivered this morning too. UPS reports the shipping weight was 137 pounds, and yeah, it's damn heavy. The package looks really beat to hell, but I haven't opened it yet to see what condition the gym itself is in.
audiocracy Jan 12, 2011
Just a warning...this is the first thing that came up when I searched "Ship Advantage review"

Sears ShipVantage —

Good luck trying to cancel this "membership"

I have scoured the site for over an HOUR...NO LUCK!!!

My next call is to the BBB!!!!
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wonder Jan 13, 2011
I had to harass the Senior Vice President to cancel my membership , customer service won't do you any good even if they say it's canceled
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somesome11 Jan 12, 2011
I finally got the whole free shipping thing to work, the website's a little wacky with my browser though, half the buttons wouldn't work, but finally got it done in IE. The price came to $25 with expedited shipping, what have you got to lose? If they refund, oh well, if they don't though, then you missed out!

I'll have to make sure to cancel the free shipping thing though, I've got it marked on my calendar to look into this weekend.
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sunnydreams1123 Jan 12, 2011
Google that ship advantage...
somesome11 Jan 13, 2011
Seeing as shipping was almost $70 anyways, even if I had to pay for it, I'd make to make it worth, since I'm looking at getting an elliptical or treadmill. We'll see if I get charged or not. For those here, if you do have issues canceling, I'd file a report with your attorney general. Usually if you threaten with something like that, customer service is more helpful.
bruceb Jan 12, 2011
Sears and kmart do this all the time your not gonna get this at this price
iowahawkeyes Jan 12, 2011
wow........ this kind of stuff is sooooooo awesome...... I hope its not too good to be true, as in some dumb refund or something.
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Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
Doesn't Sears/Kmart company have price fullfilment obligation? Meaning they honor their mistakes?? I sure hope so because this is a hell of a deal!!
aznbadboixx Jan 12, 2011
sadly no. "In the event of a pricing error on the Mygofer Site, Mygofer reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such pricing errors."
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
Damn! It would really suck if they didn't but oh well!!
davidshek Jan 12, 2011
Did the free shipping trial and picked Premium shipping for $3.99. Total was $25.29 for 1/14/11 delivery.
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
I got regular shipping, please post news as soon as you receive item or refund! I'm curious now to see if they really honor it! I'm hoping they do!!
davidshek Jan 13, 2011
I just got an email from Mygofer stating that my item has been shipped, with a UPS tracking number too.
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Sunflower80 Jan 13, 2011
I got my confirmation email too! Where you able to cancel your membership? I actually paid for the shipping! Makes me regret not joining the advantage club to get the even better discount!
davidshek Jan 13, 2011
I haven't tried to cancel my membership yet, will do that after I actually receive the gym. :)
sunnydreams1123 Jan 12, 2011
I did the free shipping trial and got it for 21 shipped as well. If it's a price mistake and they refund you I wonder if I will still have to call and cancel the membership. This should be interesting...
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
Can you cancel the membership within the 30 days if you purchased something? I understood that you couldn't, or was I just misinformed?
sunnydreams1123 Jan 12, 2011
I'm not sure. I didn't read anything that said you couldn't cancel if you made a purchase. I'm a little nervous though after reading reviews on this shipvantadge thing
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
I went ahead and just paid for shipping instead of signing up for the ship advantage crap! So if it's too good to be true then at least I get all my money back! Either way it's a good deal, I was planning on purchasing this exact bench this weekend anyways ;)
Way2Arrogant Jan 12, 2011
u cant pick it up, and i called and they said its a price error, any1 who purchases will be refunded their money.
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Tinimorales Jan 12, 2011
yup I called them too, supposed to be $99.99.
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
Where did you call?
Tinimorales Jan 12, 2011
sunflower80: I called customer service...said they got as lot of calls. Bummer.
Sunflower80 Jan 12, 2011
That sucks! Why wouldn't they take it down immediately ??
poopoochu Jan 12, 2011
Did the free shipping trial and got it for $21 shipped...
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Tinimorales Jan 12, 2011
Tried it, and shipping is $66.25. That sucks.
hamstergirl Jan 12, 2011
i just tried.... actually worked for me...
Acarone Jan 12, 2011
gotta be a price mistake. if the free shipping trial doesn't work its $66.25 for shipping. still a low $86 total