Wine or Spirit Bottle Lock - Combination Lock Bottle Stopper

Four number combination
Works with most 750ml/1 Litre bottles or similar
Stainless steel body
Gift boxed
Hand wash only

Bottle Lock - Combination Lock Bottle StopperThis Bottle Lock is a great idea for those who are safety conscious with their drinks. Whether you are sick of people swigging your home bar when you are on holiday or the kids have been nabbing your vodka and topping it up with water, the Bottle Lock will help keep them secure!Have you ever been to your drinks cabinet only to find the bottle that contains your favourite tipple is empty? Well now you can stop this happening again with the Combination Bottle Lock. Like all of the greatest inventions, the Combination Bottle Lock is incredibly simple and possesses that elusive 'Why didn't I think of that?' factor! Featuring a simple to set (but practically impossible to crack) four number combination, the Combination Bottle Lock is a robust, beautifully engineered drinking gadget and is also an effective bottle stopper once the lock is set.The Bottle Lock will work equally well on a spirit or wine bottle. The Combination Bottle Lock is designed to fit various bottle sizes, expanding from 7⁄16'; (1.1cm) to 1'; (2.54cm). If you are looking for a unique gift or new bottle stopper, you can't go wrong with the Bottle Lock when you want to protect your plonk!
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What's the matter?
p1ggles Aug 15, 2014
Wow I'm glad this didn't exist when I was a teenager ;)
C0up0nsPlus Aug 15, 2014
great for keeping away from your husbands!
tr1plication Aug 15, 2014
Back again
maven3 Dec 03, 2012
The good news for any would-be thief is that you only need to be sober to pick the lock..
WideAnglePhoto Dec 03, 2012
Never knew such a thing existed, but great idea!!
seanvcxz Dec 03, 2012
This is perfect to keep those darn teenagers out of the liquor cabinet!
bbattag Dec 03, 2012
Lmao. Good to keep the kids from stealing mom and dads alcohol.
Jazmine_ilene Dec 03, 2012
I've never seen this before. This is great to have if you don't want anyone stealing your wine =)
erick99 Dec 02, 2012
That's a new one on me. I have not seen such a gadget before and I do love gadgets. plussed.
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krmills1 Dec 02, 2012
This is really a neat idea, especially if you have teenagers that try and steal your alcohol.