Zero Water Z-bottle Filtration System-ZJ-003 at The Home Depot

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nimrodboy3 Apr 04, 2012
awesome..i finally ordered it..but now i need to find the cooler portion. they used to have this as a set at costco..but i see here it's only the top portion..i need the cooler :(..because i like cooler water.
nimrodboy3 Apr 16, 2012
so after trying..and calling multiple water cooler dispensaries, i've had poor luck. so i'm pretty much giving up trying to find a cooler that fits these bottles. all the newer coolers that i've been seeing have about a 5.25" opening for the bottle..which would fit the standard 5 gallon bottle, but the zerowater bottle requires at least 6" yeah :(.
nimrodboy3 Apr 16, 2012
oh..i even called zerowater too..several times, but they were unable to give me specific models that would accommodate the bottles. plus the ones that used to come with longer yeah :(.
lilywow Apr 02, 2012
I have a zero water 2.5 gallon dispenser in my fridge. I swear by this water. Excellent taste. I have tried soooo many other filters and none of them compares.
themoneyman1113 Apr 02, 2012
I drink so much water. This would be cheaper all around. Considering----
shimisi Apr 02, 2012
Good price!
MrBklynW Apr 02, 2012
wow that is cheap. will defintely get one. Thanks!
jasoned Apr 02, 2012
I just spent a ton on bottled water. This is a much better deal.
nimrodboy3 Apr 02, 2012
this is a great water filtration system..seriously one of the best tasting water for me..and i usually think all water tastes relatively the same..great price. thanks for the find.
dropslike Apr 02, 2012
I don't know about you guys but I am willing to try it out has a great price!
psplove Apr 01, 2012
Ships FREE with $45.00 Order. How do you get free shipping? any code for that..
Mishumoshu Apr 01, 2012
Yes, now we can make our own clean, crisp tasting water in our home or office.It is healthy and good. Thanks.