Cotton Candy-Scented Jelly Band Penguin Dial Mood Watch

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Cotton Candy-Scented Turquoise-Color Jelly Band Penguin Dial Mood Watch
Admit it! You miss the wacky tacky fashions from the '80s (minus the big hair and parachute pants). This unique design takes scented lip gloss, rainbow-colored jelly bracelets and color-changing mood rings that were so prevalent in the bygone era and wraps them all into one fabulously fun timepiece. Whether you're buying one for yourself or for a whole new generation of rad homegirls, it's sure to be totally awesome!

The background color of the dial will change in response to temperature (takes about 30 seconds):
•Black = Excited
•Royal Blue/Purple = Content
•Brown = Anxious
•Gray/Silvertone = Nervous
•Green = Serene
•Dark Blue = Relaxed
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