Fan-like Display LED Watch (Black)

alive again..
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What's the matter?
yougotmarcd Feb 10, 2011
does this watch have a big face or small face?
Killer_whale Feb 10, 2011
big enough square frame!
jewelryunder100 Feb 10, 2011
brewsterbedford Feb 09, 2011
buy this toy for my little boy!
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Cuc_ku Feb 09, 2011
This gift is for children, guys! I got 1 for my little girl cousin.. but still don't know how to set the time yet. Just toy!
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appletini Jan 04, 2011
Looks pretty cool but im sure it isn't the most comfortable thing to wear.
wise_e Jan 04, 2011
Many of these types of watches look cool in the pictures. On your wrist, it's a different story. In the dark, it may look pretty neat..assuming you want to light up the place. In the light, it's going to look like a big, clunky watch. And as far as quality is concerned, there's a reason it's under $5...

Also, from the description: "Cute mouse head inside the dial".

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maychung Jan 03, 2011
why it's so cheap
Cuc_ku Feb 09, 2011
Made in China, just a toy for children!
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johnhawaii808 Jan 03, 2011
this company is no good to buy, i order a watch from them 2 months ago and the thing came all broken, it toke a freaken long time too to ship.
PGLUKHOV Jan 03, 2011
good thing you wrote this feedback. I was about to order it...
grizparker Jan 04, 2011
Yea, I ordered from them once...
I ordered about 10 items and after 2-3 months, and about 10 emails trying to contact them, they email me to let me know that some items are on backorder and they can just ship 4-5 of the items I ordered and cancel the rest.

Nothing was broken, but it was just horrible dealing with them. The website looks nice, but it almost seems like you are dealing with one man in a garage after you order.
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