Genuine Diamond Accent and Sterling Silver Heart Ring

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What's the matter?
anniewang Jun 19, 2012
How come u guys just pay for 9.99 .they show me I need to pay for 19.99.any body can help me
shimisi Jun 14, 2012
Both the post and the reviews give you something to think about. Thanks.
Dexterous Jun 14, 2012
this is decent price and nice one too
tahiti Jun 14, 2012
WARNING! I love Shadora for about ten percent of their jewelry. However, the rest of it is diamond "accent" pieces that are pure junk. The diamonds will be little cloudy pieces of salt (industrial grade diamonds) that are scattered around silver balls made to look like diamonds. Stick to their colored gemstone pieces, like topaz earrings, pearl bracelets and such.
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dvinegrace83 Jun 13, 2012
dude... is this for real? does it come with a certificate or anything to verify that they are real diamonds?
jhroh53 Jun 13, 2012
I'd like to warn you. I purchsed one diamond earing for $20(retail:$1000 ; they said). When I get it...It looked like a toy. Real toy is much more pretty,,,I guess. I'm not sure this ring is same looking or not, but be careful to buy jewelry at shadora.
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dvinegrace83 Jun 13, 2012
thanks for the warning. even for $10, i'd be upset if i ended up getting something that looked like it came out of a vending machine haha
Christine Jun 13, 2012
can't believe shadora has such nice looking items for so cheap!
Subha83 Jun 13, 2012
So cute ring for 10 bucks.Very nice.Thanks for sharing.
nimase85 Jun 13, 2012
This is an adorable ring and for only $10 I would so buy this if I had any money to spend... I will differently be passing this along it seems like a pretty good deal for such a pretty ring...
marilynboyd Jun 13, 2012
$9.99 ? Not bad !
PinkPiggy Jun 13, 2012
Wow. I'm going to get this ring to propose to my girlfriend. She'll never guess it was $9.99!
gangstabarbie Jun 13, 2012
Haha!! I hope you wouldn't!! She will find out! :)
blackfoot Jun 13, 2012
Very pretty ring for the price. Nice
dealdiva77 Jun 12, 2012
They lowered the price on this to $9.99!!
dealwagger Jun 12, 2012
I would just be cautious that these diamonds would fall out, if they offer a warranty for purchase I would go for it. Similar designs, in my experience, easy end up with loose prongs.
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dealwagger Jun 12, 2012
*easily is what I meant, ugh!
arsiel Jun 12, 2012
Oh, good tip! I always forget about that when I buy jewelry since it's so pretty :)