Shadora Daily Deals: All Items $4.99 + FREE Shipping

Also, Shadora is hosting 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring Sweepstakes (Value $1,999.99)
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What's the matter?
trysky Mar 29, 2012
Just doubt about it. it is too cheap. how is the quality?
nimase85 Mar 28, 2012
This seems like a great deal for some nice pieces and they all come with free gift boxes
bbattag Mar 28, 2012
Buy it for your wife/gf and let her think you spent lots of money :-)
TheBOSSS Mar 28, 2012
Sounds good on the short tyen, bad for long term thinking, girls do know whats good and if the peice starts to look bad in few days, you will hear something bad
bbattag Mar 29, 2012
@TheBOSSS, I know :)
TheBOSSS Mar 28, 2012
Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry vs. Silver Plate
Silver itself is often used for plating, but usually not for jewelry. Silver plate is actually not used much for jewelry, since silver itself is relatively inexpensive. Usually when you see silver plated jewelry, it is electroplated, which means a thin coating of silver is chemically deposited on base metal- a layer of silver so thin it wears off quickly with use. Silverplating is not appropriate for silver jewelry, which will be worn and cherished for many long years, and should never be bought - or sold- as a substitute for the real thing.
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gangstabarbie Mar 28, 2012
thanks for explaining this. i never quite understood the two. for me, it doesn't matter anyway as I am allergic to every metal except for GOLd. I've got expensive skin :)
barang_square Mar 28, 2012
This deal come just in time. My son pull my necklace off and now borken. :( Need to get a new piece.
branie Mar 28, 2012
Everything is so pretty!! Excellent prices too!! I just love jewelry I would buy it all if I could. nice find!!
blackfoot Mar 28, 2012
The necklace pictured is gorgeous. Fantastic price!
EzzyLovesToSave Mar 28, 2012
Absolutely stunning and elegant!:
poe601 Mar 28, 2012
So many for such a good price, wonder how the quality is? Nice roundup!
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EzzyLovesToSave Mar 28, 2012
The prices are awesome!