Amazon | Lord of the Rings Couple Jewelry Stainless Steel Wedding Ring

Pick size according to your finger ring, ring size is USA standard.
Ring length: Male 6mm Female 4mm
Ring weight: Male 4G Female 2G
includes a beautiful silk bag as a gift.

Free shipping when purchased from dreamslink.
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What's the matter?
mikhaila Jan 19, 2013
nice starter set, thanks for sharing
Jtelford Jan 19, 2013
totally nerding out here! cool!
branie Jan 19, 2013
lol, I was at a Casino back in November and a couple had these rings on, they showed us and they have had a hat on and Lord of the rings t-shirts, not joking at all and they were playing "Lord of The Rings" slot game, lol. They were super friendly or maybe tipsy not sure, but hubby and I sat next to them for an hour and they were sort of our lucky charms as we kept winning and getting the bonus round more then I had in my whole life. Maybe it was those rings?? lol idk :)
dvinegrace83 Jan 19, 2013
omg nerding out!!! (I want one) LOL
cid681 Jan 19, 2013
Oh heck, it's a great price and they even have my size. Win!
omegafemale Jan 19, 2013
hahahahaa, yeah it's become quite popular again - oh and the price is for each one not total. ;)
hemalaa Jan 19, 2013
This one looks cute. Now I need to buy one. Thanks
blackfoot Jan 18, 2013
Nice set for LOTR fans, good price.
arsiel Jan 18, 2013
Hahaha, a lot of the comments on this deal are so nerdy! "Preciousssss...." Goodness. x_x
Dexterous Jan 18, 2013
watch the movie and wear the ring, super hero
bbattag Jan 18, 2013
lol "wedding ring." Oh man. I hope there is no one using this as a wedding ring. haha
Retrex Jan 18, 2013
Its twice the precioussssss
WideAnglePhoto Jan 18, 2013
LOL, that's a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!
jmucha1202 Jan 18, 2013
One ring to rule them all ..... So, which one? :p
FibroMom Jan 18, 2013
Can't get the "Big Bang Theory" out of my mind when I see these! ;) Very nice gift for fans of the Lord of the Rings! Super price, too! :)