Bluetooth Pocket Keyboard Case for iPhone 4/ 4S

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Do you love your Apple iPhone® 4, but sometimes wish you had a physical keyboard for texting, like some of the other phones are the market? Wish no more, because Monoprice has a case with a built-in sliding keyboard designed for the iPhone 4/4S!

This polycarbonate keyboard/case fits onto your iPhone 4/4S and provides protection for the back and sides of your phone. Cutouts on the top, bottom, and side provide access to the buttons, controls, and connectors, while a cutout on the back allows use of the camera and flash. The camera lens and flash are exposed when the keyboard is retracted or extended, so you can always take that candid photo!

The keyboard slides out to the left of the phone and includes four rows of keys arranged in the standard QWERTY layout. A function key allows most keys to serve double duty, providing the less commonly used characters and functions.

The keyboard has its own internal battery and is charged with a standard micro USB cable. The keyboard uses Bluetooth® to pair with your iPhone, so you can even use it when your iPhone is out of the case and sitting in your charging dock! An on/off switch on the keyboard allows it to be turned off when not in use, preserving its internal battery.

The case has a large, single opening on the left side for access to the volume buttons and mute switch, making it compatible with the original iPhone 4, as well as the revised iPhone 4 and newer iPhone 4S.
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