Logitech - K310 Washable USB Keyboard

6/23 - back again!

With 103 washable, laser-printed and UV-coated keys, this Logitech K310 920-004033 USB keyboard provides reliable durability for frequent use. The 12 shortcut hot keys and multimedia keys provide simple access to frequently used functions.

What's Included
•Logitech K310 Washable USB Keyboard
•Keyboard cleaning brush
•Owner's manual

Product Features
•103 laser-printed and UV-coated keys
Streamline typing and provide reliable durability for frequent use.
•12 shortcut hot keys and multimedia keys
Deliver one-touch access to often-used functions, including e-mail, your Web browser and music controls.
•Washable design
Simplifies maintenance.
•Thin profile
To help conserve space on your desktop.
•Plug-and-play USB connectivity
Lets you quickly begin using the keyboard without the need to install drivers or software.
•PC compatible
For use with your existing computer.

Not Available For Shipping
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What's the matter?
poe601 Jun 03, 2013
Great deal and excellent reviews, awesome with free shipping.
tanush6 Jun 02, 2013
It's surprisingly quiet too.
tanush6 Jun 02, 2013
It's not fancy. Nothing extra. No wrist rest. No "media keys". No programmable function keys. And thank goodness! The only thing the basic microsoft keyboard has over this is it has the "calculator" button, which would really be cool to have on this. But really, there was nothing wrong with the way keyboards were before, and there's nothing wrong with this one now. I love this keyboard.
newguy Jun 02, 2013
Looks like the buttons are nice size for my fat fingers :)
lilywow Jun 02, 2013
This is a really good price. I am in for 2
zoneric Jun 02, 2013
cool keyboard. I have a Logitech but it's not washable.
alecupope Jun 02, 2013
I like washable keyboards. a lot easier to keep them clean.
YesBoss Jun 02, 2013
Good Price For Logitech Washable USB Keyboard .
nimase85 Jun 01, 2013
This is a great price for this washable keyboard and i think this could be very useful... Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass it on...
sly1960 Jun 01, 2013
Nice item, could really use, thanks for the post!
arsiel Jun 01, 2013
Looks good! A lot of good reviews. I know a few people who could use a keyboard they can wash :P
FibroMom Jun 01, 2013
Love these washable keyboards! Getting one for both myself and my son (we tend to fry keyboards by spilling drinks in them!) ;)
alecupope Jun 02, 2013
@FibroMom not only drinks. but food as well. mine is always filled with food :)
chuckydealpl Nov 04, 2012
good price, currently not available for shipping, check local store availability
ddilworth Nov 04, 2012
Was really interested until I saw that it was wired, not wireless.
alecupope Jun 02, 2013
@ddilworth but it's still a good deal, isn't it?
nofilter Nov 04, 2012
I think it looks like this Keyboard. Simple and beautiful.