Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 for Windows PCs - Black (920-004033)

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in-stock june 13
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What's the matter?
THartz606 May 28, 2013
Price shows as $29.88 now, but I'll still be sharing this with my friend. She's in college and always has a lot of papers/work to do so she's usually always eating and drinking her meals by the computer while she works. Thanks for the post.
kevin07 May 30, 2013
@THartz606 price drop again to $19.99 :)
kevin07 May 27, 2013
I wish this was at wireless keyboard!!!
krmills1 May 27, 2013
I wish they had invented this back when I poured a can of pop on mine and it completely died on me.
kevin07 May 27, 2013
looks like amazon price matched best buy price!! $5 off now and no tax :) free shipping with prime or on orders over $25
Deedle_pie May 27, 2013
@kevin07 It ships free even without Prime or $25 order. :-) That's worth an edit.
wzhenwei May 26, 2013
It is great! Thanks for sharing it!
FibroMom May 26, 2013
I can't even count the amount of keyboards I have fried by my coffee or drinks falling onto them! THIS I have to try! Thanks! :)
backspace May 26, 2013
It would be great if they make something like washable laptop..
shimisi May 26, 2013
Awesome. That makes them a lot easier to clean for sure. Hard to get in between those keys by hand.
littlexu May 26, 2013
Great keyboard. So I could keep it clean all the time. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
mdgirl May 26, 2013
My geek husband need to show his customer this, we can just wash instead of replacing and have more trash.
hemalaa May 26, 2013
should be a good one to protect from accidental spills.
blackfoot May 25, 2013
Haven't seen a keyboard like this before, neat idea.
rd995 May 25, 2013
well i guess its cheaper washing it than buying the air dusters to clean up the regular ones.
kevin07 May 25, 2013
$3 price drop!
kevin07 May 11, 2013
we just need to wait to drop in price again :) I think it is a good concept and the reviews are not bad ..it will be worth a try :)
glwrks May 11, 2013
This is higher in price now, but I've never seen one. Think about the occupations or tasks where grimy hands are frequent and you want to use the computer. In the kitchen, working on the car, gardening...
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poe601 May 11, 2013
$31.44 now but looks worth it with all the good reviews.
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kevin07 May 11, 2013
@poe601 why would they expire? i've seen others double the price from other people that still not expire lol :/ I guess I am newbie lol
chuckydealpl May 11, 2013
definitely have to put on my list, always spilling coffee on my keyboard and getting it dirty
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alecupope May 11, 2013
I want one of these. my keyboard is always full of...stuff..lol
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zoneric May 11, 2013
would be so much easier to clean a washable keyboard and keep it clean.
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ancagavs May 11, 2013
could be the perfect keyboard for me. mine is always messy :)
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dealio23 May 10, 2013
This is funny. I do sometimes wish I could wash my keyboard of all the crumbs and stuff in the cracks!
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