OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat

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  • The OXO Tot Nest™ Booster Seat is a Booster Seat with Straps that will bring kids to the family table from as young as nine months.
  • Designed with a soft cushion, as well as a high back and sides, to make any grown-up chair comfortable for your little one.
  • Easy to clean and store, to make the after-meal clean up comfortable for you.
  • The 3-point harness keeps even the wiggliest tot secure, and is adjustable for growing kids. Two side-release buckles keep kids securely strapped in (and keep them from escaping!). The back and bottom chair straps are adjustable for a secure fit on different chair styles and sizes and the non-slip feet keep the Nest Booster Seat stable while protecting chairs from scratches.
  • The built-in handle allows for easy transport and the straps are removable for children over 3 years.
  • Whether for a quick trip to Grandma’s or for long-term storage, the straps store neatly in a compartment under the Booster Seat. The simple, sleek design complements any home décor.
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