Range Rover 12V Electric Power Car Range Rover For Kids Wheel with Remote Control LED Lights MP3 Music and Horn - White

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Now growing up the dream was to own a car that exemplifies character and style. For kids its good old fashion fun, kids also love the finer things in life. The Range Rover 12v ride on car is a high performing toy car that gives your child control as well as the parent. You can easily control the toy car using the remote control that comes with it.
Range Rover ride on car looks and sounds like a real car to give your child the best driver feeling. With the Range Rover ride on car your child gets to practice his/her motor skills as well as have fun. It’s more than a toy car but a whole new experience altogether.
The kids 12v Range Rover ride on car has amazing alloy look wheels and a quality steering wheel that looks just like a real car. It has a realistic start on the dashboard, authentic engine start-up sounds. The car can be used with the normal in-car controls, using the pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control.
• Adjustable Seat Belt
• Parenting Remote Controller
• Exquisitely detailed design
• Horn and Engine sounds
• Foot Pedal and Loud Speaker
• Realistically Detailed Wheels
• LED lights
Real-Like Car Paint
• Rear Mirrors
• 12V motor
• 12V/7AH Rechargeable Battery (Charger included)
• Run time up to 1.5 hours
Ages: 2-5 Years old.
Assembly Required. (10-15 minutes).
Assembled Dimensions: 50x23x16 in
Vehicle weight: 44 lbs
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