1- or 2-Layer Stainless-Steel Rectangular Lunchbox (Up to Half Off). Free Returns.

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Stainless-steel rectangular lunchboxes. Choose between the following:

•$12.99 for a one-layer lunchbox ($24.95 list price)
•$14.99 for a two-layer lunchbox ($29.95 list price)
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What's the matter?
branie May 15, 2013
Never seen this before, going to check this out, seems like a good and different find.
Jazmine_ilene May 15, 2013
Never seen anything like this before. This is pretty cool. Nice find
dvinegrace83 May 15, 2013
All our to go containers are regular plastic kind.. I wonder if stainless steel really does make a dif
rockinnrolla May 15, 2013
What a great deal. Thanks for sharing. :)
MrBklynW May 15, 2013
was a good deal. seems to be sold out now
blackfoot May 14, 2013
Neat set, looks good and totally portable.
Dexterous May 14, 2013
Easy to handle and carry
mikhaila May 14, 2013
this is pretty cool. price is good too
dealio23 May 14, 2013
These would be great for lunch. Portion control!
backspace May 14, 2013
Looks great....I need to replace mine...thanks for sharing
ramana_forums May 14, 2013
looks cool with Stainless-steel ..
Durr21 May 14, 2013
This is really cool I should look into this thanks
Acidbaby May 14, 2013
I like how they have an avocado in there. That thing would be brown before you got out the front door.
DealLeader May 15, 2013
@Acidbaby Well, you know, the picture needed to set the right tone! LOL
alecupope May 14, 2013
we could use these to get for work. they can be useful.