72-pc. Italiana Dinnerware Set (3 Colors)

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Italiana dinnerware is durable for everyday use, yet elegant enough for special occasions.

• ridged border
• available in a palette of wonderful colors

72-piece dinnerware set includes 12 of each:
• 10½" dinner plates
• 7½" salad plates
• 6¼" bowls
• 3½" dip bowls
• 6" plates
• 11-ounce mugs

5-piece completer set includes:
• three 9" vegetable bowls
• 12" platter
• 14" oval platter

White is porcelain, other colors are stoneware. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
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What's the matter?
candzyangel Apr 09, 2013
$60 clearance sale. So many color to choose.
praveensapkota Apr 08, 2013
great addition to kitchen with this beautiful sets
ilene285 Apr 08, 2013
Great price for this many pieces. Great deal.
dvinegrace83 Apr 08, 2013
Looks like a pretty big set for that price!
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Mawhen Apr 08, 2013
Great price on a complete set! Wish the yellow was still available!
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branie Apr 08, 2013
The Normandy blue would be my color of choice. :) I like sets like this when everything is all in one. I also understand these may not be the best quality but with care they may last for awhile just depends I guess. Good find.
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branie Apr 08, 2013
Come to think of it, I have these very inexpensive plates, bowls and salad plates I got at CVS, lol yes CVS many years back and after tons of uses are in awesome condition. Just my thoughts.. :)
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ukaran Apr 08, 2013
Very Good Chance to get this useful item to our house. Nice Price Drop.
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littlexu Apr 08, 2013
Great price for 72 pcs dinnerware. Looks like more price dropped.
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MrBklynW Apr 08, 2013
very nice price for a 72pc set. thanks!
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newjerseychickxo Apr 07, 2013
Could someone please give me the shipping code. I can not find it.
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lilbigace360 Apr 07, 2013
@newjerseychickxo There isn't a shipping code needed for the free shipping. But idk what promo code was used to get the price seeing as I wasn't the one who updated it lol
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rd995 Apr 07, 2013
@newjerseychickxo the code was SPEND50 but it only drops to 50 not 48 and free shipping to store
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 07, 2013
@newjerseychickxo Uh, oh! I forgot to put in the updated coupon...the 20% off coupon code is: SPRINGUP
Sorry about that!...I just added it now:)
LisaNtom08 Apr 07, 2013
This is an amazing price for a 72 pc set. The color is different but beautiful and perfect for someone who'd like all new kitchen dinnerware stuff but is on a budget
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sorinlandiana Apr 07, 2013
nice looking set and a decent price. fits perfectly for Christmas dinner.
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 07, 2013
$2.00 price drop with updated coupon.
rd995 Apr 07, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave what was the coupon looks like it was removed or never made it to the update
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 07, 2013
@rd995...just added it now. Evidently old age is catching up with me:)
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rd995 Apr 08, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave thanks for updating :)
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sly1960 Apr 03, 2013
nice price cut, thanks for this post!
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naturaldeal Apr 03, 2013
Great set good price too
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ancagavs Apr 03, 2013
a lot of pieces. great price. I never used Italian dinnerware
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rockinnrolla Apr 03, 2013
WOW what a huge set for a low price! Thanks for the extra savings with the code. :)
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dealio23 Apr 03, 2013
Not a big fan of stoneware just because of how easily they tend to chip and break, and also because of how heavy it is. However, for less than $1 per piece, pretty good deal.
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MrBklynW Apr 03, 2013
amazing price, great looking set. thank you!
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nimase85 Apr 02, 2013
That seems like a great price for a 72-pc set It's not really my style but I will be sure to pass it on
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Dealprince Apr 02, 2013
now i am gonna cry.. all this for only 50$
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backspace Apr 02, 2013
this is a great deal for 72pcs...nice color :)
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littlexu Apr 02, 2013
That is a lot of plates, bowls and cups. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
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Jazmine_ilene Apr 02, 2013
This is a nice price for this set. The colors are nice as well. Clearly everyone has there own opinions on the product but personally I like it.
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Acidbaby Apr 02, 2013
Also to the person who said the color is hideous. It is much darker in color than it looks on the image. We have the red set and its a burgundy color and not as light as it looks here.
Acidbaby Apr 02, 2013
We have this set and I hate it. The bowls are very small and just about useless because they are so small. Plates chip very easily and overall I just wasnt pleased with the set. And I paid less than this, no way I would pay $50 for this.
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 08, 2013
@Acidbaby You undoubtedly did pay less. I can also remember when gas was 98 cents per gallon, bread was 75 cents, our electric bill was $75 a month....:)
Acidbaby Apr 08, 2013
I wasn't making it a point to say I got it for less. I was making it a point to say I wasn't pleased with it at the lower price I paid so not a chance I would pay $50 for the set when I wasn't pleased paying $40 for it.
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 10, 2013
@Acidbaby I know that was your point; but I was trying to lighten up your gloominess! My Lenox breaks too, but it cost waaaay more:)
Acidbaby Apr 14, 2013
ALl of our vehicles break down too but its still ok to voice your opinion about the quality of the vehicle. I dont know why people whine so much about giving a review about a product you already own.
themoneyman1113 Apr 02, 2013
Huge set for the price, how can you go wrong with it? Good find :--)
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seanvcxz Apr 02, 2013
That's insanely cheap for a 72 piece dinnerware set. Might be a good purchase if you're going to a wedding this summer!
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blackfoot Apr 02, 2013
Great price for so many dishes, good deal.
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naturaldeal Apr 02, 2013
So many sets, thanks for sharing, i will look at them
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FibroMom Apr 02, 2013
For 72 pieces?!? Blowout Price! Perfect for my daughter who asked me to look for new dishes for her! :) thanks!
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mikhaila Apr 02, 2013
this is a nice price for this set, it's not even $1 per dish
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boricua1 Apr 02, 2013
really nice price drop..nice find
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poe601 Apr 02, 2013
Great price for service for 12 and store pick up.
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additc Apr 02, 2013
color is hideous imo
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 02, 2013
@additc I take it you don't like the other 2 colors either:) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!:)
additc Apr 02, 2013
@additc the white and gray ones are ok.
alecupope Apr 02, 2013
so many pieces in the set. great price for 72
rd995 Apr 02, 2013
wow all this for only $50 and different colors available also
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 02, 2013
$10.00 price drop through 4-7.