Lock & Lock Boroseal II 8-Piece Borosilicate Glass Storage Set - Heat Safe, Cool Safe, and Odor Resistant!


Simplify your life. Say good-bye to worries about spillage, spoilage, and storage. Get this 8-piece set and solve your food-saving needs. Lock & Lock storage systems keep your food fresher for longer with their silicone seal and locking tab system that makes their containers both air- and water-tight.
A must-have for any organized kitchen, this collection is the convenient, space-efficient way to store food in your refrigerator, pantry, or cabinets. When empty, each nests easily inside the other. When full, the clear glass bodies allow you to easily identify what's inside. Highly durable, these containers are also ideal for lunches and work snacks. Save food, space, and money with Lock & Lock.
Features Include:
8-piece glass storage set with 4 containers and lids
4-sided airtight locking system
Crystal clear borosilicate glass body
Microwave and oven safe
Slim and light design
Heat resistant glass
Stain and odor resistant
Cook in oven, or use it as bake ware (without lid)
Freezer to microwave at once
Small circular container capacity: 12.8 fl. oz.
Medium circular container capacity: 22.4 fl. oz.
Large circular container capacity: 32.8 fl. oz.
Package Includes: Lock & Lock Boroseal II 8-Piece Borosilicate Glass Container Set
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xrjohn May 19, 2013
great price, very nice item.
jkbane May 17, 2013
I'd much prefer glass storage! thanks for the recommendation comments as well, guys.
shopange08 May 16, 2013
Great set! Love glass containers. Thanks for sharing
sorinlandiana May 16, 2013
these are great for storing food in them, as well as using them with the microwave
YesBoss May 16, 2013
Good Price For 8-Piece Borosilicate Glass Storage Set .
littlexu May 16, 2013
Great price for a 8-Piece Borosilicate Glass Storage Set. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
poe601 May 16, 2013
Nice deal on glass containers with lids. Free shipping makes it awesome.
alecupope May 16, 2013
great discount. thanks for sharing it!
Indalecsio May 16, 2013
It's glass? then I want it at that price.
alecupope May 16, 2013
@Indalecsio it says it's glass, so you can buy the set :)
ancagavs May 16, 2013
excellent discount. I like this set. great for any kitchen.
hija_ellen May 16, 2013
great price for this set, i have the same set and its durable.
Mishumoshu May 16, 2013
8-Piece Glass Borosilicate Storage Set for $ 12.99 is a wonderful opportunity to buy. The offer is exceptional.
lotuslove19 May 15, 2013
Heat Safe, Cool Safe, and Odor Resistant makes this set great for kitchen use.
DealLeader May 15, 2013
Super price on this deal. Nice!
Dexterous May 15, 2013
3 in one Heat Safe, Cool Safe, and Odor Resistant!
mikhaila May 15, 2013
Wow this is a super price! Love this
kimeeb May 15, 2013
I have a lot of Lock & Lock...I love it.
dealio23 May 14, 2013
Bought these last time they were on sale and they're great!
ancagavs May 16, 2013
@dealio23 I'm thinking of getting a set. you recommend it?
dealio23 May 16, 2013
@dealio23 Yes, absolutely! I've used them quite a bit already and they're great. :)
arsiel Feb 26, 2013
Not as good of a price as the one from buy.com you updated but still good :p
klinmaximus Feb 26, 2013
Cool glass storage for a good price !
dealio23 Feb 25, 2013
Awesome deal on this glass set! Picking up two sets, thanks!
DealLeader May 16, 2013
@dealio23 Awesome! Hope you enjoy them!