Black & Decker Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker

*Free shipping on orders $99+ OR you can check to see if your local Macy's has item in stock.
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EzzyLovesToSave Aug 16, 2013
$1.00 price drop through 8-17.
EzzyLovesToSave Jun 14, 2013
$19.99 through 6-15.
ilene285 Apr 19, 2013
Really nice waffle maker. Great price too.
seanvcxz Apr 19, 2013
This makes a lot more sense. I saw one of these on here a few days ago that was $99.
Durr21 Apr 19, 2013
this is pretty cool i really like this i need this in my kitchen lol
boricua1 Apr 19, 2013
we just got one of these and it's great..nice price for it
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 19, 2013
$1.00 price drop.
EzzyLovesToSave Mar 26, 2013
$18.99 through 3-27.
shopange08 Feb 18, 2013
I've been wanting to get one of these for a while now.. Might finally pull the trigger! Thanks
FibroMom Feb 18, 2013
Nice price drop! Time to bite the bullet and buy one! I LOVE Pecan Waffles, and with a back yard full of pecan trees - PERFECT! :)
mcjung Feb 18, 2013
Great price for the waffle maker. Thanks for sharing.
chuckydealpl Feb 18, 2013
great price and found a majority of good reviews on the web for this waffle maker
boricua1 Feb 18, 2013
now this is an awesome price ..really nice find
alecupope Feb 18, 2013
who does not like waffles? I am a huge fan.
nthsll Nov 26, 2012
10 bucks for a waffle iron is a great price. Thanks for posting!
shimisi Nov 25, 2012
Great price. You won't feel bad even if you end up only using this on weekends :)
Dexterous Nov 25, 2012
nice waffle maker good for the price
WideAnglePhoto Nov 25, 2012
oooohhhh!!! now I can have that continental breakfast feeling, right at home! ;) This is an awesome price! thanks
arsiel Nov 25, 2012
I always wanted a belgian waffle maker! This is an awesome price and would make a great add on for the BOGO boots/sweaters.

You can bump the free shipping minimum to $75 with the code CYBER
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tanush6 Nov 25, 2012
made it easy for me when it made to the front page. easy to spot them. thanks for posting them
tanush6 Nov 25, 2012
wow...this is exactly what i was looking for. perfect deal.
poe601 Nov 25, 2012
Good deal after rebate but shipping kills it unless you have an order over $99. They have it in store for same price too.
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branie Nov 25, 2012
Good to know about being in store. Thanks for the info :)
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blackfoot Nov 24, 2012
Good price after rebate, good deal.