Cook's Companion® 10-Piece Kabob Maker & Skewer Set

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You know what we’re talking about, the vegetable and meat mixer that you skewer and toss onto the grill. Now making these are easier than ever with a skewer and kabab tray set to help you create a delectable side dish to make your next backyard party a success. The trays feature divided interiors to help you create an even kabob every time. With eight skewers, you can keep all your guests happy. So get your grill going and let’s see what you’ll whip up tonight!

Eight Kabob Skewers
Two Kabob Trays

Features:Divided food tray to help make evenly sized Kabobs
Two kabob trays means you can make more than one at a time
Eight skewers allow for multiple kabobs
Handle on skewer helps to safely place and remove foods onto/from the skewer
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