Core Bamboo 10488AM Amazon Exclusive Bamboo Cutting Board Set, 3-Piece

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Option: $11.00 sold by Sygnalz, fulfilled by Amazon
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What's the matter?
newguy Apr 19, 2014
$11.00 sold by Sygnalz, fulfilled by Amazon
shimisi Dec 19, 2013
$7 price drop.
xrjohn Jun 02, 2013
more good stuff for our kitchen, good price. thanks.
nicole56 May 29, 2013
great price for 3 pieces. now time to replace my cutting board.
dealio23 May 29, 2013
Wow, awesome price for these cutting boards!
shopange08 May 28, 2013
Great price for 3 cutting boards! Thanks for sharing
erick99 May 28, 2013
Bamboo is harder than most hardwoods so great for this application. Great price for the set.
backspace May 28, 2013
Good price for a set of 3..but I wish these were little larger..
wzhenwei May 28, 2013
Great deal for 3 . Thanks for sharing it!
themoneyman1113 May 28, 2013
My sister just bought one bamboo cutting board at Target for $20, I just shook my head as she bought it knowing so many deals here at dealsplus. Oh well, little sister will learn some day I hope.
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poe601 May 28, 2013
Nice deal for three this size and bamboo.
FibroMom May 28, 2013
Nice price drop on this 3 piece set! These will make nice gifts! (As well as a set for myself as well!) ;)
Dexterous May 28, 2013
Great price for three
ashtrie512 May 28, 2013
I love bamboo and I need cutting board. Thanks for this post.
lotuslove19 May 28, 2013
bamboo cutting boards are anti bacterial thus cutting vegetables on these are healthy.nice find,good price to replace the old ones.
shimisi May 28, 2013
Great price. This way, people won't hold on to old, bacteria-infested boards as it's not expensive to replace them.
sly1960 May 28, 2013
nice price cut, thanks for this post!
branie May 28, 2013
Bamboo cutting boards apparently have come down in price as I see so many deals lately and that is a good thing ;)
poojam May 28, 2013
good price
littlexu May 28, 2013
Great price for 3 pcs of Bamboo Cutting Board Set. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
THartz606 May 28, 2013
Price is $12.44 now. Good time to get a new set of cutting boards for the house. Thanks for the post.
alecupope May 28, 2013
the price is very good. we need a new set in out kitchen.
zoneric May 28, 2013
great pice. bamboo cutting boards are usually very sturdy.
rockinnrolla May 28, 2013
Great price for this cutting board set! Thanks for sharing. ;)
chuckydealpl May 28, 2013
nice lightweight set. it is in stock and didn't see where they mention 1-3 month shipping
ilene285 May 28, 2013
These are really nice bamboo cutting boards. Great discount.
ancagavs May 28, 2013
excellent discount on this set of cutting boards. nice find.
snypin04 May 27, 2013
ships in 1 to 3 months... usually??!!? that's a long time
ancagavs May 28, 2013
@snypin04 I wonder why does it takes so long to ship? 3 months?...
chuckydealpl May 28, 2013
@snypin04 i think it may have been from a previous post and was probably backordered
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DealLeader May 28, 2013
@snypin04 1 to 3 months for shipping? Are they growing the bamboo after they take the order?
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zoneric May 28, 2013
@DealLeader lol, that's funny...but I guess that if it takes 3 months, they could be doing just that...
alecupope May 28, 2013
@snypin04 lol. do they grow tomatoes too after we order online?
hemalaa May 27, 2013
good price for the cutting boards. I always prefer them over the plastic ones.
nimase85 May 27, 2013
This seems like a great price for these cutting boards and I luv that they are made of Bamboo... Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass it on...