Cuisaid ProDigital AccuWeigh Digital Kitchen Scale With Cuisaid Calorie Guide 11 Lb. Capacity (Black Chrome)

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What's the matter?
candzyangel Apr 11, 2013
This is great digital scale for baking and very handy.
DealLeader Apr 10, 2013
Very nice price for a kitchen scale. Wonder if it should come home?
zoneric Apr 10, 2013
great price drop. we need a new scale. ours doesn't work any more.
ukaran Apr 10, 2013
Massive Price Reduction for this most useful kitchen Scale. Nice find.
ancagavs Apr 10, 2013
amazing price drop. very useful if you watch your weight or have a baby :)
Jlowry Apr 10, 2013
this is a really affordable price compared to the retailing price
Dexterous Apr 09, 2013
great price drop, a useful tool
backspace Apr 09, 2013
Great digital scale for a reduced price..
seanvcxz Apr 09, 2013
I'm not sure this was $69 in the first place, but regardless $9.99 is a great price for a digit scale.
Durr21 Apr 09, 2013
wow nice price deduction and it could come in handy too thanks
blackfoot Apr 09, 2013
Great price for a kitchen scale, nice looking one too.
themoneyman1113 Apr 09, 2013
Just forwarded this awesome find. Reviews are satisfactory to me.
ilene285 Apr 09, 2013
Great price for this digital kitchen scale. Great deal.
FibroMom Apr 09, 2013
My daughter got one of these and was quite impressed with the look as well as the functionality of it. Nice Price! :)
branie Apr 09, 2013
Nice deal on a digital kitchen scale.
xptrish Apr 09, 2013
My daughter is an active dieter,I am going to ask her if this is something she would find useful
Nellysg Apr 09, 2013
@xptrish We have 2 scales one for fruit and one for meats but I like cid681 idea about using it for baking...
ancagavs Apr 10, 2013
@xptrish a scale like this is very useful when you diet.
1 like
cid681 Apr 10, 2013
@xptrish The proper amounts are needed for baking or it may become too hard, dry, or flat. And on the other side it might be too soft, moist, or puffy!
cid681 Feb 08, 2013
For those that like to bake, it's very useful. I use it to bake and to weight guinea pigs.
cid681 Feb 08, 2013
Not at the same time.
xptrish Apr 09, 2013
@cid681 lmao..guinea pigs, they're TOO adorable by the way. I've been thinking about getting my son one.
ancagavs Apr 10, 2013
@cid681 glad you cleared that up. I thought you were baking guinea pigs :)
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cid681 Apr 10, 2013
@ancagavs I am only half Peruvian!
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Mishumoshu Feb 07, 2013
My wife needs a Digital Kitchen Scale at facutul pastry. We like a lot of sweets. It has a convenient price.