Froggie Fryer Frying Pan (NOT For Frying Frogs)

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What's the matter?
munkin2u Nov 18, 2012
Haha! Too cute. Good thing frogs don't care about the shape of the pan you fry them in :p
dvinegrace83 Nov 17, 2012
lol! ya, i don't think you need a frog-shaped pan to fry frogs anyway ;)
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Peppee Nov 17, 2012
Good find for pancakes , i guess
ukaran Nov 17, 2012
Already my frying pan has gone to trash. I need one now. Fortunately I got this offer. Thanks for sharing this nice deal.
Dexterous Nov 16, 2012
Good for the price, nice find
tpark6283 Nov 16, 2012
My daughter would love this, what a great price :)
ArtemisDeals Nov 16, 2012
this would be tons of fun for the kids :) or at least make it fun for breakfast :)
blackfoot Nov 16, 2012
lol, funny you felt the need to say it's not for frying actual frogs. Nice item.
krmills1 Nov 16, 2012
Oh shoot, I was looking for a frog fryer, too bad this isn't one! :P
akaricke Nov 16, 2012
I love fried frog legs. The chinese buffet near me has them sometimes during the year.
Yes, I read this is not for frying them ;)
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FibroMom Nov 16, 2012
LOVE the "NOT For Frying Frogs!" ;) This is really cute and would make a neat little addition to a Gift Basket of Cooking Goods! Thanks for sharing. :)
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boricua1 Nov 16, 2012
this is pretty different..nice find
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jasoned Nov 16, 2012
Although fried frogs are pretty good :) ... Yeah, I'm guessing these are for pancakes.
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branie Nov 16, 2012
Cute and unique and glad I don't only have to fry frogs with this ;)
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arsiel Nov 16, 2012
Good for eggs and pancakes I guess? Haha.
Frog's KINDA taste like chicken but it's like... fishy chicken :|
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iowahawkeyes Nov 15, 2012
I was really worried about what it meant when I first read froggy frier... Good thing you pointed it out that it wasn't that.
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MrBklynW Nov 16, 2012
lols you every had frog? taste like chicken>=P
MrBklynW Nov 16, 2012