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Glow Light Water Powered 3 Color LED Detectable Bathtub Toilet Sink Faucet Parts - $9.99 Free Shipping

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Glowing water! The effect of this LED Faucet Light is amazing! Twist it onto your standard sink faucet, and enjoy the soft glow it casts in the column of running water. It will illuminate your sink like nothing else! Plus, the color changes from blue to red to warn you when the temperature goes above 38°C (100.4°F). How smart! The light shuts off automatically when the water is turned off. This 3-color shower head will definitely offers you a wonderful & unique experience. The LED faucet light fits all standard connectors, simply install it and you are finished!

Product Specifications:

Powered By: 3 x LR44 batteries (included)

A must item for every washroom & kitchen sink

3 different LED lights will glow under different water temperature range

Green light will glow automatically when water is turned on

Blue light will glow automatically at around 32°C

Red light will glow automatically at around 44°C

Light goes "off" when water is turned off

Water passing voia the faucet light will be electrified

Ideal for both families with children, parents can be notified of the water temperature when the LED turns red

Low power consumption, with the LED light, users need not to turn on the bathroom light during shower

Easy to install, shower head fits all standard connectors, just screw & use

What's Inlcuded In The Package:

1 x Water Glow LED Faucet Light
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