Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

Use codes MARCH325OFF and FREESHIP

Say "goodbye" to struggling to open tight lids on jars of pasta, salsa and more. This Hamilton Beach Open Ease jar opener will take the frustration away for you.

Attach to a jar, then push the "open jar" button
Lid release button once jar is opened
Opens a wide variety of jar sizes
Compact size allows it to store in a drawer
Comfortably fits in your hand
Requires two AA batteries for operation (included)
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Mar 07, 2013
I know they are good for elderly but I want one since even if you are strong some jars can still be tricky to open
dvinegrace83 Mar 05, 2013
woah...and all this time i've only been using a rubber gripper thing. but sometimes jars are still tricky to open! this looks like itd def do the job!
zacharyzblewski Mar 05, 2013
I'm picking one of these up for my grandma. Also, I love the comments from people calling this a "can opener". It's almost as if they didn't even check the thing out.
MrBklynW Mar 05, 2013
not too bad of a deal. thanks
Dexterous Mar 04, 2013
can opener? good good, need one in party
tpark6283 Mar 04, 2013
This would be the hand held one we have any day! Great find!
Christine Mar 04, 2013
aahhhh thissss here is what i need! for sureee =)
aznballa161 Mar 04, 2013
i love this! it's really useful. i hate the manual ones that always break
Durr21 Mar 04, 2013
This is pretty cool never seen this before awesome
naturaldeal Mar 04, 2013
thank you for finding
seanvcxz Mar 04, 2013
These would be a great tool for someone who is getting older and doesn't have the grip they once had.
themoneyman1113 Mar 04, 2013
I should really consider this for the wife then she won't have to ask me, haha
dealio23 Mar 04, 2013
This is great for those with a weak grip and wrist/hand problems. Nice price drop
blackfoot Mar 03, 2013
Looks and sounds easy to use, good price.
Gaylesheerin Mar 03, 2013
nice find, useful family tools! gonna get one for sure:)
tanush6 Mar 03, 2013
saves us lots of time and energy while opening cans and jars
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tanush6 Mar 03, 2013
these are easy to use, i am using one of this at home
deal Mar 03, 2013
Ah that is awesome. Going to grab this for my grandparents. :) Nice find.
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