Indestructible Aluminum Wallets

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What's the matter?
globaldj Jun 03, 2012
wow, terrible reviews
slapsymaxi Jun 03, 2012
I had one that I got as a gag gift.... fell off my desk, and the aluminum cover off one side fell off... it had only been double-sided taped.

Also, it's pretty unuseable for cash... You have to fold dollars into 3, which not only a pain, it gets thick, really limiting how much you can put in.
ancagavs Jun 03, 2012
This is awesome. You can run it over with the truck several times and nothing happens :)
MrBklynW Jun 02, 2012
this is a great price, cheapest i've seen them go for.
rd995 Jun 02, 2012
i dont think this is the original one from the commercial but for this price not bad to try one
munkin2u Jun 02, 2012
It's a good price for a cute novelty, though. It's at least somewhat useful!
themoneyman1113 Jun 02, 2012
Ha! Indestructible is a huge statement to make and reading some of the reviews I will respectfully pass on this wallet---
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blackfoot Jun 02, 2012
Good price for a lil added extra security.
gangstabarbie Jun 02, 2012
Indestructible ?? Are we sure about that ? How about we run it over with a huge truck ;)
krmills1 Jun 02, 2012
Haven't you seen the commercial for these yet? They show a truck running them over and nothing happens to them!! :)
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zoneric Jun 03, 2012
I think I saw an ad for this. A truck running over the wallet, that's awesome:D