Kitchen Hero Low-Fat Fryer

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What's the matter?
solowkoe May 08, 2013
these are great if you have a small kitchen and need to multiple items in the oven.
alecupope May 08, 2013
everyone should have a low fat cooker in the kitchen.
THartz606 May 08, 2013
This would be great to have in my kitchen. Thanks for the post.
alecupope May 08, 2013
@THartz606 I think it would be great for anyone in the kitchen.
zoneric May 08, 2013
eating healthy means a better life for the entire family.
rockinnrolla May 08, 2013
WOW low fat??? How awesome is that!?!? Nice find. :)
zoneric May 08, 2013
@rockinnrolla I kno, right? it's what everyone should have in their kitchen.
ancagavs May 08, 2013
we need too cook low fat. our eating habits aren't very healthy.
MrBklynW May 08, 2013
pretty good deal, not familiar with the brand, will check it out. thanks
afweff May 08, 2013
Nice Find
Dexterous May 07, 2013
frier is frier, fat is fat.
LisaNtom08 May 07, 2013
Low fat!? I wouldnt feel so bad about using a deep fryer with this! I've never seen this before
blackfoot May 07, 2013
Nice appliance for making lots of healthier meals.
backspace May 07, 2013
Low Fat makes it an attractive deal..
Durr21 May 07, 2013
Wow never seen one of these before great find
erick99 May 07, 2013
I have never tried this sort of fryer, has anyone else? Seems like a good deal either way.
shimisi May 07, 2013
Kitchen Hero is an interesting name for this product. Lots of food options to work with in this!
barang_square May 07, 2013
I love fried chicken wings. But cutting down as it is deep fried. Look like I can enjoy without worries with this fryer.
glwrks May 07, 2013
I've been thinking of getting hubby a deep fryer for his french fries, but this should also save on the cost of oil too;)
themoneyman1113 May 07, 2013
Who new low fat and fried could be in the same sentence? I should look into this, thanks for sharing.
iowahawkeyes May 06, 2013
Fried food with less fat. Haha us Americans find ways around everything. Instead of cutting fried food out of our diets, how about we make it have less fat? Haha
deby32953 May 06, 2013
Just what I need - low FAT!