Mini Knife Sharpener

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What's the matter?
shimisi Jun 26, 2012
I don't know about sharpening a knife with such a small thing, but what I do know is that 79 cents-shipped is pretty sweet!
Subha83 Jun 26, 2012
Awesome deal.Good reviews and very good price with free shipping.
bagofhurt Jun 26, 2012
.79 and free shipping! how do you beat that?
zoneric Jun 26, 2012
I saw a few reviews about this. Looks like a good product.
poe601 Jun 26, 2012
Great price and excellent reviews. Ordered some to put in Christmas gifts.
ancagavs Jun 26, 2012
Excellent item with an excellent price. Works well with the knive set :)
dvinegrace83 Jun 25, 2012
def worth a shot with a price like that, and it seems like it'd do the job!
shopange08 Jun 25, 2012
nice and handy.. great find! thanks..
mnvikings11 Jun 25, 2012
Totally awesome deal, I'm in for a few.
Florida2Texas Jun 25, 2012
Great reviews, great price and free shipping! Couldnt ask for anything better. Thanks
deby32953 Jun 25, 2012
Love it! Gotta have it!
iowahawkeyes Jun 25, 2012
Hey, it is less than a dollar, so why not get it? Really nice deal, thanks for the post.
nimase85 Jun 25, 2012
This seems like a great price for a Mini Knife Sharpener... I might need to get one of these four our kitchen...
vimalr Jun 25, 2012
plussed. Getting one for my self.
bigsaturn Jun 26, 2012
I just looking for this tiny thing!
encorez Jun 25, 2012
be careful with these, you butter
gangstabarbie Jun 25, 2012
A knife sharpener eh? Nice invention. Plussed
rendraco Jun 25, 2012
Used to own one long time back. It is a safe & easy one to use.. I am in for one for my kitchen!! Plussed.
blackfoot Jun 25, 2012
Great deal, think I'll get one just to give it a test drive.
arsiel Jun 25, 2012
Surprisingly great reviews for this little gadget at this price! I might just pull the trigger for this little thing :p
themoneyman1113 Jun 24, 2012
Great deal. I may pick up a few. My father in law really likes these little gadgets which he would never purchase for himself. Nice find.
erick99 Jun 24, 2012
In for one for my toolbox. Always handy to have a knife sharpener around. Very nice find!! Plussed.