Mr Bar B Q 06136 Jalapeno Cooker

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Folding legs
Non stick coated
Holds up to 22 pieces
Easy way to cook jalapeno peppers
Easy storage
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What's the matter?
shopange08 Apr 11, 2013
Great price for this. And a great review from glwrks too, thanks! :) Picking this up!
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glwrks Apr 11, 2013
I have the king kooker jalapeno grill cooker. If I had to purchase again I'd go with this. 1. Presentation is more attractive. 2. You have the "stem" as a handle to remove from the grill. 3. Non-stick coating.
Tip: Use any type of veggie, green onions work well or just chunks of jalapenos to wedge between any that may want to tip. Also the peppers will shrink when cooking, so fatter than the holes is better;)
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 11, 2013
@glwrks The spicier the better!
WIll this also grill those "special" peppers?
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glwrks Apr 11, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave Those peppers might get stuck in the hole...not sure I'd want to see them get shriveled on the grill either;)