Multifunction Vegetable Fruit Twister Cutter Slicer Utensil Processing Device

$1.79 + $4.50 shipping
In Stock. Sold by Adolphus Simmons

Multifunction Vegetable Fruit Twister Cutter Slicer
The vegetable twister turns ordinary veggies into spaghetti or endless spirals.
It is easy to use; just slide veggie on twister screw, screw on slicer and turn for astonishing garnishes.
Easy to clean
Great for potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes and more
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What's the matter?
Mawhen Jun 03, 2013
I would love something like this. The reviews are scary, but it's an awesome sounding gadget. Great price!
nthsll Jun 03, 2013
Interestign gadget. It'd dress up salads and make me look like I knew what I was doing in the kitchen. On second thought...I better pass. :-)
Mawhen Jun 03, 2013
@nthsll hahahahaha!
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ddhall Jun 03, 2013
Looks interesting and looks like a good price. Will have to give it a go.
MrBklynW Jun 03, 2013
wow cheaper then the other one i saw earlier. nice find
dvinegrace83 Jun 02, 2013
interesting. seems worth it for the price. i want to use it for salads for parties and stuff..
CubsFan34 Jun 02, 2013
Very useful I could use this for my salads thanks for shareing!
Dexterous Jun 02, 2013
this is very useful in kitchen
lotuslove19 Jun 02, 2013
I saw this gadget on the other post,but the price here is pretty cool.
it will be great fun to keep kids packed up during vacation.
bbattag Jun 03, 2013
@LokaFreeThings2 - This one is from Amazon. The one you linked to is a totally different site
erick99 Jun 02, 2013
I just saw this same item on here for about ten bucks. I wonder if they are the same?
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arsiel Jun 02, 2013
Oh no, the review are SO bad :( I wonder if there's a more expensive, good one of these gadgets
jkbane Jun 02, 2013
Better price, but the reviews are terrible. Too bad. Seemed cool.
Janniesue51 Jun 03, 2013
Yeah, looks like a waste of small change. too bad.
dealio23 Jun 02, 2013
Neat item. Kids would have a ball with this!
Nellysg Jun 02, 2013
This is the coolest gadget I've seen! Great price and find!
glwrks Jun 02, 2013
Planted extra zucchini to try this out...I want to try making veggie spaghetti for our gluten free family members. Too short a season here to grow spaghetti squash in earnest.
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shimisi Jun 02, 2013
Cool. Cheaper to get it from amazon (as of this post), for those of you who are getting one.
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littlexu Jun 02, 2013
Seems like amazon has better deal on this. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
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kevin07 Jun 02, 2013
seems cool, i just dont like the reviews :(
EzzyLovesToSave Jun 02, 2013
A veggie twister!...unique way to get the grandkids to eat even more veggies:)
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THartz606 Jun 02, 2013
Cool item, but unfortunately the reviews are all pretty bad about it so I'll have to pass on it.
alecupope Jun 02, 2013
nice utensil for all "chefs" :) great find.
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At0micAmbER Jun 02, 2013
This is awesome, def would be a good help since im trying to eat "clean"
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Brentheriot Jun 02, 2013
I've never seen one of these. It really does look like fun. And can make boring food look better to the kids
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alecupope Jun 02, 2013
@Brentheriot yeah, and we all know that kids don't always eat their veggies :)
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Jazmine_ilene Jun 02, 2013
This is pretty cool. I could have fun using this lol. Nice find
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