$9.34 + Free Shipping

•ON/OFF mug will magically transform from OFF to ON!
•OFF (cold) state: mug is black with OFF displayed in white
•ON (hot) state: mug is white with ON displayed in black
•for coffee, tea and hot chocolate!
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What's the matter?
Acarone Jan 19, 2014
price drop, thanks for the update!
kevin07 May 02, 2013
Lol nice mugs!
wzhenwei May 02, 2013
That is amazing, I like it.
lauchremi Mar 29, 2013
haha! that's clever!
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
this is something that I really think it's awesome.
zoneric Mar 21, 2013
this is such a cool item. perfect as a gift. will pass it along.
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
@zoneric if you have no one to give is as gift, I'm open. lol
DealLeader Mar 21, 2013
Pretty neat idea! Sort of how I feel before I have the day's first cup of coffee!
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
@DealLeader uhm...I know the feeling. when I go to sleep I can't wait for the morning to have my coffee.
ukaran Mar 21, 2013
Nice Idea and Good Price.
ancagavs Mar 21, 2013
this is a cool mug. I want one. it's amazing what tech does nowadays :)...even with mugs :)
rockinnrolla Mar 21, 2013
OMG this mug is super awesome! I might just have to pick it up for my mom. Thanks for sharing. :)
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
@rockinnrolla cool idea to give your mom one of these. I like the way you think.
FibroMom Mar 21, 2013
What a Great gift for a coffee drinker! I know MY "OFF Sign" is on when my cup is empty! ;) Thanks - getting one for hubby's Easter Basket! :)
MrBklynW Mar 21, 2013
interesting item. thanks for sharing!
dvinegrace83 Mar 20, 2013
How fun! Nice way to warn others that u have a hot beverage, altho they should already know considering you're consuming it from a mug made for hot beverages ;P
dealio23 Mar 20, 2013
What a cool mug! Really neat, unique item. Nice find
blackfoot Mar 20, 2013
Nice mugs, like ones with cute sayings.
iowahawkeyes Mar 20, 2013
I have seen mugs like this with small logos, but none like this! Coolest mug I have ever seen.
iowahawkeyes May 02, 2013
@iowahawkeyes Theres actually a lot of mugs with this cool logo trick all over the internet, and they are all pretty clever. I WANT ONE.
Dexterous Mar 20, 2013
Trick tea cup
zacharyzblewski Mar 20, 2013
I'm going to pick one of these up for my mom because she drinks coffee every day at work.
additc Mar 20, 2013
kennyminot Mar 20, 2013
I had a mug that did such a trick, and the special heat sensitive stuff rubbed off in the wash.
bbattag Mar 20, 2013
That's actually pretty cool. Never seen this before
themoneyman1113 Mar 20, 2013
Well isn't this nifty. Decent price for myself, a gift or both, thanks for sharing.
lilbigace360 Mar 20, 2013
My chemistry teacher would love this. This is also a nice way to keep children safe and to let them know that there is something hot in the mug. Nice find
candzyangel Mar 20, 2013
I have one similar to this. But it has different design a village that will light up when you put cold water on the glass.
zoneric Mar 21, 2013
@candzyangel cool. did you get it as a gift? how much did you pay for it?
zoneric Mar 21, 2013
@candzyangel I mean, is this a good price compared to the money you paid on yours?
candzyangel Mar 22, 2013
@zoneric a Christmas gift from a fried. That was 2 years ago.