Onion Keeper (Colors May Vary)

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NatassiaC Mar 22, 2012
I bought one of these a while ago and I don't know what I ever did before it. I love this thing!
newjerseychickxo Mar 22, 2012
I know,I feel the same way.
MrBklynW Mar 18, 2012
This seems like a very useful item, never know what to do with them when i only use part of it. i wrap it plastic wrap but it just looks ugly in the fridge.
jasoned Mar 18, 2012
With a small family we often use only part of an onion, this is a great idea for us.
kumslee Mar 17, 2012
ha ha... it's a cool product. I'd buy one if shipping is free.
sra0263 Mar 17, 2012
Hisgelt Mar 17, 2012
I love these things!!
iowahawkeyes Mar 17, 2012
Sweet idea! never seen these. I'm down to buy one at this price
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hutbay Mar 17, 2012
if you have prime shipping with amazon, other sellers sells it for about $4.50 with prime shipping
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cdealswme Mar 17, 2012
Love the idea! If I order 1, how many keepers do I get? 1 for 1???
newjerseychickxo Mar 17, 2012
just the one
poe601 Mar 17, 2012
I have this and it works great, highly recommended! Nice find
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catchersmom Mar 17, 2012
I have never seen this before and for this price I can try it
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FibroMom Mar 17, 2012
Cool Idea - I always have potions of leftover onions that I put in the fridge and forget about - this will remind me. Thanks! :)
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newjerseychickxo Mar 17, 2012
dvinegrace83 Mar 16, 2012
very cute and super affordable! i usually pass these up cuz they're pricey for what they are and i can just use a reg container, but for THAT price, i might "splurge" just cuz of the cuteness points! haha
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blackfoot Mar 16, 2012
Great price even with shipping included. Might have to pick up one.
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Dexterous Mar 16, 2012
These are really cute, and they dropped the price. Shipping is still good.
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glwrks Mar 16, 2012
I put onion in a lot of things, and plastic wrap the unused part. These little packages always seem to get lost in the fridge. This is great being reusable + easy to spot in the fridge. Thanks
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newjerseychickxo Mar 16, 2012
yvw:)I also have this and others.They are a life saver.
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Christine Mar 16, 2012
how cutee!! simple, yet great idea =)
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