Pabst Blue Ribbon Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers - SHIPS FREE!

Condition: New Retail
3.25" H x 1.75" D
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What's the matter?
wzhenwei Jun 03, 2013
Great deal thanks for sharing it!
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shopange08 Jun 03, 2013
These are pretty cute. Nice find, thanks!
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tpark6283 Jun 03, 2013
The Mr would get a kick out of these!! Always talking about his PBR days!
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akaricke Jun 03, 2013
It is funny how PBR has become the in thing to drink. It is one of the cheapest quality beers there is. That said I am in for a pair :D
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lotuslove19 Jun 03, 2013
They look cute ,would love to get a pair for my kitchen,nice find and shipping makes it an affordable deal.
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branie Jun 03, 2013
Good price and my cousin has these, lol. I always wanted to know where he got them and he said it was a gift, lol!!
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rockinnrolla Jun 03, 2013
Perfect gift for someone. Love the price and free shipping. ;)
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helloamy1977 Jun 02, 2013
these are so cute and ceramic
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Nvaldera Jun 02, 2013
haha cool! My roomate would love this for the yard!
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FibroMom Jun 02, 2013
Another adorable set for my collector friend! I will have a wonderful basket of sale shakers put away for her birthday! :) Thanks! :)
deby32953 Jun 03, 2013
@FibroMom Oh, my! My DRY family would have a coronary if I bought these! Especially certain unnamed alcoholic members that make their livelihood counseling others on the dangers of alcohol & glorifying it!