Progressive International Microwavable Omelet Maker

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This Add-On item ships free with a qualifying $25 order

Product Features

* Microwavable omelet maker holds up to 4 eggs at a time
* Non stick surface makes for quick and easy cleaning
* Dishwasher safe
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What's the matter?
cid681 Feb 20, 2013
Just curious, if it says add-on. Does that limit even the Prime user to have to purchase over $25 in an order as well?
Dexterous Feb 18, 2013
make omelet for breakfast and keep running
additc Feb 18, 2013
i bought one of these at the 99ยข store
boricua1 Feb 18, 2013
very good price..think my girlfriend would like this
THartz606 Feb 18, 2013
This would make making breakfast simple in the mornings.
sly1960 Feb 18, 2013
I got to get myself one
bbattag Feb 18, 2013
Check out Dollar Tree if you have one near you. They have it for $1 by me
naturaldeal Feb 18, 2013
this will fill my appetite, good price too.
lotuslove19 Feb 18, 2013
This is really a cool product,they get sold out fast ,that's what happened when I posted it last time.
rockinnrolla Feb 18, 2013
This would come in handy when your in a hurry! Great price!
YesBoss Feb 18, 2013
New Technology To Me And Time saver. Thanks For Sharing.
twokidsquared Feb 18, 2013
nice - have one of these, buying another!
bbattag Feb 18, 2013
Check out Dollar Tree if you have one near you. They have it for $1 by me
natarajansaktive Feb 18, 2013
Omelet Maker new to me. Still it's good to make 4 eggs at a time. Nice find
tanush6 Feb 18, 2013
these really help us save lot of time during morning
MrBklynW Feb 18, 2013
lols awesome. now that is how men do it!
blackfoot Feb 17, 2013
Interesting item, gonna have to look this one over.
rd995 Feb 17, 2013
this is something to try it out at this price i will be ordering mines thanks for sharing
arsiel Feb 17, 2013
Great reviews. This is definitely a neat product - it'll make making omelettes so much easier. No more trying to flip :p
dvinegrace83 Feb 18, 2013
good point! that's definitely the hardest part about making omelettes!
bbattag Feb 18, 2013
Check out Dollar Tree if you have one near you. They have it for $1 by me
Greenbaseonline Feb 17, 2013
great sale
erick99 Feb 17, 2013
This would be pretty awesome if it works well. It is not an easy thing to make a great omelet.
tpark6283 Feb 17, 2013
The Mr loves his eggs microwaved, this is gonna be worth every penny! Reviews are pretty good :)
bbattag Feb 17, 2013
They have an identical product at dollar tree for $1
glwrks Feb 17, 2013
These egg cookers for the microwave are great...too often I've reached for something w/o a lid...that's always the time the beaten egg decides to erupt all over the microwave!
grandma5 Feb 17, 2013
I wondered if this really works but after reading the reviews I now know it does, good reviews on this product, thanks.
Durr21 Feb 17, 2013
This is pretty cool nice price too thanks for the post
krmills1 Feb 17, 2013
I love omelets, but I just make them the old fashioned way in a pan with some non-stick cooking spray and a lid.
FibroMom Feb 17, 2013
I have always wanted to try one of these - at this price, worth giving it a shot! Now to find some other things to hit my $25 (which I really resent doing since I have Prime...)
LindaKNor Feb 17, 2013
This sure would come in handy. I should grab one before they are gon.
ancagavs Feb 17, 2013
excellent in the morning when you're in a hurry to get to work.
alecupope Feb 17, 2013
if it makes breakfast faster, than it's perfect.
Mawhen Feb 15, 2013
This deal is now $6.22.
klinmaximus Feb 17, 2013
From what I have seen on Amazon is still $3.52
zoneric Feb 17, 2013
yup, still $3.52. an excellent item to have in the kitchen.
tnglm003 Aug 09, 2011
An awesome way to a quick breakfast before school.